NA: Flash Sale: Own the Leviathan! (April Fools)

PS: While everyone is celebrating Easter, I decided not to do anything this year on TAP for April Fools. I’ve been busy with university lately and news weren’t frequent either. Sorry about that. Next weekend my vacation starts, so expect more posts then.

Source: NA Portal

For Halloween 2017, we introduced the Leviathan, a mechanical monster you had to destroy before it escaped the Realm of Fallen Tanks and entered our world. Now is your chance to not only drive the Leviathan, but own it outright: Due to overwhelming demand, we’re putting it on sale for 24 hours. This is the only opportunity to acquire the tank — it will never be available by any means…ever again.

The Leviathan is so big, we created a new tier and vehicle type: The Tier XI (yes, we go to “eleven”) super heavy! It also requires two Garage slots and has its own “Realm of Fallen Tanks” nation tech tree!

The Leviathan has it all: A tank-destroying cannon so powerful it can’t be classified in earthly measurements, eight secondary weapons (four on each side), and two mortars that operate the same as artillery with a 7-second stun on all vehicles. Its armor is also not of this world, as it’s stronger than anything on a Standard or Premium vehicle. With such formidable defensive and offensive capabilities, the Leviathan does not need minions. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?


Mouse over the points to display the info on the vehicle.

Tired of enemies who always seem to get the jump on you? Just the sight of the Leviathan will make them retreat…but to where? There is no escape! Blow foes to pieces with a single shot from the main cannon, shred them with the secondary guns, or stun them with mortar shells and then slowly roll over them with your mammoth treads.

Leviathan comes in three special bundles:

  • Ultimate Monster Package: Leviathan has assembled the “Terrible Ten,” a collection of almost a dozen retired (pulled from the Realm of Fallen Tanks) and rare Premium, Standard, and Reward vehicles — all resurrected in full HD glory. Listen up, tank collectors: The Type 59 is one of them!
  • The “Fearsome Five:” Includes almost a half dozen rare and retired vehicles reworked in HD; the M60 is one of them!
  • The base Leviathan model.

Do not miss this opportunity to add the Leviathan and some incredibly rare vehicles to your Garage!

Flash Sale!
Premium Tank Sale: Leviathan

April 1-2, 04:20 PT | 06:20 CT | 07:20 ET
24 Hours Only — Once Per Account!

  • Leviathan Ultimate Monster Package with the “Terrible Ten:” $5,000
  • Leviathan and the “Fearsome Five:” $2,500
  • Leviathan: $1,000:

Bundle Contents: 

  • Fully trained “zero-Skill” Crew withDemons-in-Arms perk
  • Special Customization and Decals
  • 2xGarage Slots