AMX 13 57 available on EU


The AMX 13 57 is back and ready to take over the battlefield with its eight-round autoloader, more than ready to sneak up on the enemy! This is also the first time you can get it without special camouflage, so you can customise it however you like. Add this little gem to your collection and enjoy having a great training platform for your French light tank crews, as well as a nice credit maker and simply a fun tank to drive!

Price around 33 €.


Contents:  AMX 13 57, GARAGE SLOT and GOLD: 3,000.


12 thoughts on “AMX 13 57 available on EU

  1. Oh thank god, this tank might actually be tolerable now. Hopefully they’ll do the same thing with the M41 90 if they ever put that on sale again.


  2. I am conservative and I will not swap it. Neither will I buy the new version without the GF camo, WG is not doing a good job with the premiums so I will not spend my money so easily.


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