WoT – Battle Royale Test

A new game mode is being tested right now, and you can do it yourself on the sandbox server.

Download here


  • Enemy details are only displayed if they’re aimed at
  • The mode was made by a separate team inside the WoT dev team
  • The mode uses a modified Frontline map in HD
  • 40 players, everyone vs everyone
  • You start the game as one of four IX tier LTs
  • You can loot enemies
  • Airdrops are present
  • Your starting loadout has very little ammo
  • The map playable area shrinks with time
  • Everyone has access
  • No arty
  • This mode has a separate OST
  • Platoons for two people. The platoon mode is 20 platoons, 2 persons each.
  • There’s something like an inventory system

Known problems:

  •  The optimization is worse than that of the normal client, and it’s unavailable for Mac and x86
  • If your PC is subpar, the client won’t even run

Some tips:

  • Various items are scattered over the map, like equipment, perks, or consumables. There’s also ammo, or health pickups.
  • The map area, like in any BR game, is slowly shrinking, symbolized by a circle. Black squares on the map are already disabled, yellow ones are next.