World of Tanks – Micropatch 1.0.0_2

EU: The World of Tanks servers will be unavailable on 29.03.2018 from 06:00 – 06:45 CEST due to this update.


-Fixed a problem on Ruinberg which caused some tanks to be turned around after loading the map;
-Fixed some problems related to low performance and crashes in sniper mode on weak PCs;
-Fixed some problems which lead to crashing the game in sniper mode when looking at/through bushes;
-Battle load times are faster;
-Fixed a problem which cause some mission descriptions to have an unwanted message attached;
-Fixed some technical issues;
-Two new folders will be created – /res_mods/ i /mods/;


9 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Micropatch 1.0.0_2

  1. So, REMOVE glacier piece of shit map pls and also give me back my old garage, this new one is freezing the game (when returning from battle). I can confirm that loading of the battles works better now, still far from pre – 1.0 experience, but significantly better than few days ago.


    1. How can your potato run the hd maps, but cant run the fucking garage. And glacier isnt even that bad of a map, its something new and refreshing added to the game


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