WOT & WT – Comparison video

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33 thoughts on “WOT & WT – Comparison video

    1. It’s easy, I did, I have 400 tanks and spent $1000s of dollars probably in WOT, once you get used to the mechanics of realistic battles in Warthunder it really is leaps and bounds above WOT. I still play WOT maybe once a week but u don’t have premium anymore . The past few years WOT has just gone down hill on so many levels. Look up Grimmace if you ever do play Warthunder, I would be willing to squad with ya to help you with the game.

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          1. Just cause it’s hard for you doesn’t mean it’s not enjoyable and decent grind for others, players are way nicer and civilized in thunder, WOT players are toxic and blame the team for everything


  1. No, WT is not better, it’s just different. The gamplay is different, the sounds and graphics are comparable and depends on prefernce, I like WOT’s lighting system more, maybe the WT physics is better, but that’s expected from a simulation oriented game.

    I’ve reinstalled WT a few days ago after 2 years and it’s nice and all but nothing that would make me excited abandon WOT over it.

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    1. Oh physics in WT isn’t better.

      You can still have your 20 ton tank be stopped dead in its tracks because it right track hit a 20cm high brick.
      And if you happen to touch another dynamic vehicle, god have mercy on your soul. The sticky physics is real.

      Bottom line, WT is better looking and have more realistic gameplay, but is vastly less playable than WoT when it comes down to all the fundamentals like netcode, vehicle/terrain interaction, and general server/client sync.

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    2. Simulation? In what world? Both WoT and WT are arcade schlock (highly entertaining schlock).

      If you want simulation you want Steel Beasts Pro PE
      Target audience: Military professionals and hard-core simulation fans.

      They have another version, Steel Beasts Pro
      (Defense agencies only, please.)Target audience: Military professionals.


      1. @ fr2d2u I didn’t say WT is a simulation, but a simulation oriented game. WT tries to simulate more than WOT what real tank battles feel like especially because it has different game modes for that not only arcade. WT’s health bar is not displayed, it’s not the focus of the gameplay and in the more realistic modes the UI and camera placement is minimal.

        @exocet6951 I agree with you, but not about the graphics in WT, just the tanks look more dirty and used and have that x ray feature which is nice, but which is better boils down to preference more than anything.

        At least I think WT’s physics are better, but only marginally so.

        I’m well aware of the issues in WT and for the life of me I don’t understand why anyone would say that WT is better than WOT. They’re different and some people with different play style and temperament will enjoy one over the other more.

        Also WOT has evolved a lot it’s almost a completely different game than in 2012 when I started playing. On the other hand WT has evolved less, has changed things less radically, but that’s mostly my impression as I haven’t kept up with its development as much as WOT, but even with all the new vehicles it still has the same crazy gameplay. 😛


  2. Yes well if i were to list the number of problems each game had, and which ones made me want to kill myself. The list for World of Tanks would be alot longer then War Thunders.

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    1. If playing any game makes you want to kill yourself then you have bigger issues than problems with a game. Just saying.


  3. WT clearly wins as far as tanks themselves are concerned. They look better, scale is better, sounds are better.

    However for the environment, WoT wins hands down. Better looking terrain and foliage, trees are not toys that pop out in the air when destroyed, the shell/water collision isnt exagerated, lights are better, effects are better.

    And for destruction physics, WG said they will improve it over time and add more destructible things. So until then no way to tell a clear winner, but fences and stuff look pretty much the same so I expect a tie on that part.

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  4. WT GF = after WW 1 – after cold war era, the best realistic tanks gameplay, superior gfx and much better sound ….

    WOT = after WW 1 – cold war era, the best arcade tanks gameplay, much better gfx and superior sound….

    AW = cold war – 21st century era, much better arcade tanks gameplay, less better gfx and sound….

    IMO………. ^^


  5. I honestly thought that after 7 years of released product updates, that in WoT a player would be able to traverse a tanks hull in one direction and counter traverse the turret in the other direction. When I try, the counter traversing turret might move at super slow speed, but its so slow, its hard to measure.


  6. All cool and dandy, but in reality WT runs like a potato, and 1.0 WOT runs like gold.
    Sorry, I don’t have a 2000$ PC to run WT.


    1. I have complete opposite of what you say, WT runs great and WOT runs like piss, and I live 20 minutes from the server.


  7. That is funny. Becase WT runs better and looks better on my laptop with i3 and integrated graphic card (Intel 3000 series)


  8. Does WT still has rubber-banding (tank is pulled back periodically if you crash something) when you drive?
    Also, it drove me crazy the players who snipe and totally ignore capped bases.


  9. Something’s missing.Something that almost nobody ever notices, but is very important for me when it comes to eyecandy. It’s track simulation.

    WoT has properly modeled tracks that have weight and tension and behave realistically. WT has pretty much everything except proper tracks. They’re not even modeled properly, if you get close and inspect them they’re just weird.

    I won’t even comment on the gameplay. WoT might be stupid simple arcade pew pew action, but it’s much less infuriating and random than WT.

    Yes i did say it’s less random. When you have ARMOR, it works. In WT it doesn’t matter how much armor you have or how well angled you are….if the dice says you’re going to die by a single shot…you will.

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