Italian Tanks HD Renders

I’ve decided to put them all into one post since we already know how the tanks look like. Picture heavy.

Fiat 3000 – Tier I

L6/40 – Tier II

M14/41 – Tier II

M15/42 – Tier III

P26/40 – Tier IV

P.43 – Tier V

P.43 bis – Tier VI

P.43 ter – Tier VII

Progetto M35 Mod. 46 – Tier VIII

P.44 Pantera – Tier VIII

Prototipo Standard B – Tier IX

Progetto M40 mod. 65 – Tier X

Italian Consumable:


27 thoughts on “Italian Tanks HD Renders

          1. “What kind of fantasy btw?” – tell me more about such alt-history stuff as progetto 46 and 65, btw according to description the progetto 65 development started at 69, nuff said. At least vehicles till tier 7 are pretty and historical, so WG didn’t screw up totally.


        1. I read no insults here, so keep calm and be kind. Still, WoT is full of fake-tanks and concepts that never existed out of blueprints, so nothing really new.

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    1. It is. It makes sense, kinda, since Italy participated in the program too, I guess. The tier 7,8 and 10 are really dubious, unless WG has some sikrit blueprints somewhere.


      1. btw no joke! The italian tank-experts that searched in the national military archives are legally not allowed to release the blueprints to the public.


    1. Indeed, they could have had that version with the 20mm MG. But since the similar-in-stats Polish TKS is gonna be a tier 2 premium, they would probably have done the same to the CV-33

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  1. The logic of Wargaming baboons – completely neglect the 100% historical and complete Italian Tank Destroyer line, but instead completely invent from scratch, 110% fantasy Chinese TD line, without a shred of historical proof, because why the fuck not. Btw, how hard can it be to texturize a fucking model.

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    1. There is no 100% historical and complete Italian TD line. There are litterally no candidates from Tier 7 to 10. Meanwhile the mediums are, from a certain point of view, relativly historical. The only made-up tank is the Premium Tier 8 one, which is actually a combination of differente projects, but still reasonably historical.

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      1. I agree that the high tier Italian tank destroyers would be hard to create, but at this point I am CERTAIN they would dig up and create something for those three high tiers. If they could completely invent out of thin air TEN chinese TD tiers (+ one premium), they could create three Italian ones. Would you agree?
        Semovente da 47/32
        Semovente da 75/18 + Semovente da 75/34
        Semovente da 75/46
        Semovente da 90/53
        Semovente da 105/25
        Semovente da 149/40
        Plenty to work with…
        Best regards


      2. While the tier 9 is historical (though not really Italian), we have literally no way of knowing how real the rest are, unless WG decides to back them up with evidence (and they usually don’t).

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    2. “How hard can it be to texturize o fucking model?” What about really fucking hard? Have some basic respect for the everyday people working on this. It’s OBVIOUSLY not gonna be released like this. Calm your tits.

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    3. “how hard can it be to texturize a fucking model.” You think they make textures using MS Paint? As someone in the industry, it takes weeks to months to get the right layers and look of the material. Let alone the effects of lighting and their upcoming environmental effects on said surfaces.


  2. I love all the people moaning about ‘fantasy’ tanks. If you want WoT to keep putting out new content we are going to have to accept blueprint only/concept ideas. If it was an operational prototype/production tank, it’s probably in the game already.

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  3. Some nice looking tanks for sure. Now if I could just figure out what suspension that is on the P-43 Ter.

    That does not look like the Vickers derived suspension of the M-14, 15, P26, and the other P-43’s at least. Looks actually closer to a M4’s..


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