WoWS – Spanish and Turkish Subforums Closed

Sad news for the Spanish and Turkish WoWS players. WG has decided to close the subforums in these respective languages. The Spanish subforum closure seems like a really bad choice, considering the huge potential of the Latin American market, provided WG would have the courage to make a server there.

Turkish thread:ürk-oyuncu-topluluğumuz-için-önemli-bir-duyuru

„Starting on Thursday, March 15, 2018, we would like to express our regret that we will stop all of our activities on the World of Warships portal, our official forum and the Turkish version of our Facebook page.

As shown by the results obtained in the last 18 months, unfortunately, the development of the Turkish community did not perform as we expected. We hoped that the support of Turkic would show a similar development to the languages ​​that perform better, but unfortunately we did not expect the result, so we decided to stop supporting this language.

In-game language support as well as customer service support for World of Warships will still be available so you can continue your epic sea battles normally with millions of players around the world.

If you are a fan of the World of Warships Facebook page, you will automatically be directed to the English page starting March 15th. Our Turkish forum will be closed on March 15th.

Thank you World of Warships Turkey team and community teams for the support you have given as to discuss the seas!”

Spanish thread:

„As of Thursday, March 15, 2018, we will stop the Spanish language support on the World of Warships portal, and the Spanish versions of the official forum and the Facebook page will no longer be operative. However, World of Warships will continue to offer Spanish as one of the languages available in the game; so you can continue your epic naval operations against millions of players around the world normally.

If you are a fan of the World of Warships Facebook page, you will be automatically redirected to the English version of it on March 15th.

Thanks for your support and see you at sea!”


12 thoughts on “WoWS – Spanish and Turkish Subforums Closed

    1. En realidad no significa eso, es solo una decisión que toma la empresa al ver que “ese publico” no genera un aporte suficiente como para seguir invirtiendo en él. Eso era visible en los foros desde hace meses, la comunidad de habla hispana (por lo menos en NA) tenía poca participación en los foros y es más común que todos participen en foros de habla inglesa.
      Desde mi punto de vista esta decisión es independiente de la cantidad de jugadores que pueda tener el juego de una determinada región, es más una cuestión de idioma nada más.


  1. As Turkish alfa tester i warn dev team in forum. i give suggestions. ofc they didnt listen. i never like wows game play and meta. another fail game by waygayming…

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  2. Their Turkish community manager was pretty much clueless with what to do. All the Turkish community is hosted in 2 separate Facebook pages and the Turkish community manager was unbelievably passive let alone to reach that community to create an incentive to use toe official forum.

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  3. I hope that every turkish and spanish player stops donating to them.

    It is a shame that they are allowed to do this to us, simply because our countries do not have a law that prohibits them from removing the service in our language.

    This would never happen in France or Germany even if their donations were low at the eyes of WG..

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  4. Forums should be moderated and managed by the community that use it on a daily basis, I am sure there must be at least 4+ users, that are top, trusted users on both Spanish and Turkish forums that would have made an amazing job of moderating and managing these forums.

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