WoT: 8th Ban Wave Incoming

The last ban wave for prohibited mods was 3 months ago. Very soon comes the 8th, according to Russian intel. Repetitive cheaters will be punished, as usual, with a complete account block.


13 thoughts on “WoT: 8th Ban Wave Incoming

  1. I have been using Tundra and Destruction mods way before I learned how to speak. These ban waves are a placebo bullsheet to make all you whiney whores shut your mouths. I’m happy for this, I can use Tundra and have 5k+ wn8 and you guys feel better thinking there are no cheat mods. Suckers.

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    1. and your one of the reasons why WoT is so trash now, you’ll get your just reward for being a cheating scum ruining other players fun cause you have some sick obsession of stroking your e-dick


    2. I’m assuming they read the ‘python.log’ file somehow using the client to see which mods are loaded, but if someone deletes the contents and makes it read-only it no-longer writes anything to it. And if for some reason they are able to read the file names contained in the mods folder and/or compare the md5 hash of the mods contained in the mod folder to compare to known cheat mods, that can also be changed by editing the mod in a text editor and adding a single space to the end of the garbled file data and renaming the mod script to something else.

      I’m not condoning anyone doing this however i’m just pointing out some flaws with a possible method they may be using to detect cheat mods being used.


  2. let all mods legal or remove all mod keep it safe….
    evebody know ban wave numbers too small to compare illegal mods download numbers. only small number got punish.
    so is this justice or pr show?
    ofc pr show. i am sad for my time and money also how fucked devs ruin this game.

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    1. This isn’t the answer either. You could make all mods illegal and these people who are cheating now will continue to cheat because the way they are cheating now will continue to work even if all mods are banned.

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      1. for once Colddawg is right, they need a proper anti-cheat system too, like battleeye, if you disabled mods, and added battleeye you would see many peoples stats drop pretty hard, or they would get banned outright, only a minor fraction of cheating players would still be able to cheat, due to some of the programming talent in some of the clans (chai family clans in particular) I quit playing WOT years ago because I learned how prolific cheating was at the highest levels of the game like some higher clans would not let you call unless you used certain illegal mods it was bad, but this was also back before they even really banned anyone. I wouldn’t know because I won’t come back until real anti-cheat comes into the game.


  3. I just love that people blame all the game problems and their “fun” being ruined by mods.
    I guess useless MM, +-25% RNG and the fact that every patch we got more OP unbalanced tanks is ok in your book. That is NOT ruining anyone’s fun ?
    What about gold spamming ? Fun too ?
    Or being stunned by 3 arty’s on a fully open map ?
    Yea, pure fun.

    So all this salt is because some poor schmuck with 600wn8 cant hit sh#t from 50 meters can now actually do some damage ?
    Or are you seriously saying that you got outplayed by a kid with an aimbot ?

    Do you even know what those mods do ? How they do it ?

    Removing foliage ? And ? Will that help average Joe be on a Circon level ?

    Believe what you want, but instead of blaming others for your fun being ruined, ask yourself, what did WG lately do to make you love this game more ? Why do you still play this game ? Fun game play, balanced matches, balanced game play, non pay-to-win concept ? How did your gaming experience got better for the past 6 months, year ?

    Here is question for all you experts, you all watch Circon, he plays almost full vanilla. Ever seen or heard him bitch about mods ? No. Guess why.


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    1. Holy fuck Plazma Keks the guy who distributes cheats/illegal mods, through his site is trying to defend their use… GTFO of here you idiot, there is a blatant correlation with being able to see more, and having an information advantage over the enemy would give you advantage, yes player skill is more important but in the hands of an already skilled player illegal mods and cheats are brutally OP. and grant a huge advantage. you must be the mother of all windowlickers if you try to deny that.


  4. Plazma is not defending mods – he just makes clear top players without mods rule by potency over average players with mods. and he has a point here.


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