Sneak Peek: March Specials (EU)

Source: Portal

We’re getting ready for the release of the long-awaited Update 1.0, so you can bet that this month will be full of special events and activities. Have a look below and see for yourself!

1–25 March: Let’s get ready for one of the most significant updates in the history of World of Tanks! Take part in this long-time event – the more you play, the more you’ll get. Aside from the main prize, there will be others every week.

1–31 March: In March, the new Soviet medium tank line leading up to the rock-solid Object 430U will be on offer. Climb up the tree and get to this powerful top-tier vehicle faster thanks to great discounts and bonuses!

3–5 March: One of the classic specials revolving around earning as much XP as possible. Look forward to dedicated missions and discounts, and rack up those numbers!

10–12 March: A small weekend special with a focus on battle missions. Complete those and stock up on essential resources!

17–19 March: For the Irish National Day you can look forward to a wide variety of different bonuses, discounts, and missions, one of them traditionally rewarding you with four-leaf clover emblems.

24–26 March: This weekend, you’ll have the opportunity to fill your treasury with tons of credits. The more you play, the more credits you’ll earn!

31 March – 2 April: The final weekend special of the month focuses on crews, so if you’re in dire need of good tankers, here’s your chance to train them quicker!