WoT – Dev Plans 2012

In September 2011, Wargaming published a plan for the year 2012, which supposedly was only realized in 85%. Can you spot what they didn’t implement?

New game modes

  • Company battle will be separated into divisions: max. tier X without total tier restrictions, tier’s 8, 6, and 4 with total tier restrictions. Q4 2011
  • Encounter/Assault Q4 2011
  • Garage battles (limited respawns like in planes) Q1 2012
  • Escort (select tanks can cap the enemy base, the enemy needs to kill them) Q1 2012
  • Historical battles 2012

New tanks


  • M4A3E2 and M24 Q3 2011
  • M8A1, T49, M18 Hellcat, T28 prototype Q1 2012
  • M103, T110, T25-2 Q1 2012


  • T-50, T-50-2 Q3 2011
  • SU-85 (I) Q4 2011
  • SU-100M-1, SU-101 (Uralmash-1), SU-122-54 Q4 2011
  • KV-1, KV-2, KV-4, Т-150, ST 1, Object 252 Q1 2012


  • Pz.Kpfw.IV Hydraulic Q4 2011
  • Marder III, DickerMax, Nashorn, Sturer Emil, JagdPz E100, JagdPantherII Q4 2011
  • E10, E25, JagdTiger Sd Kfz 185 (88/71) Q2 2012


  • Renault FT, Renault D1, Renault D2, Renault B1, ARL 44, AMX-50 100mm, AMX-50 120mm, Hotchkiss H35, AMX 38, AMX 40, AMX 13 75mm, AMX 13 90mm, Chatillon 25t, BDR G1B, AMX M4 (1945), AMX 50 B , AMX-12t , Lorraine 40t Q4 2011
  • RenaultBS, Lorraine39 L AM, AMX-105AM, AMX 13 AM 105mm, AMX 13 F3 AM, Lorraine 155 (50), Lorraine 155 (51), Bаt.-Chatillon AM 155mm Q1 2012
  • Pak 40 FCM 36 (f), 10.5cm leFH18 B2 (f), Panzerjäger 35R Q1 2012
  • FT AC, Lorraine 37 L AC, Somua SAu 40, Somua S 35 CA, ARL V 39, AMX AC Mle.1946, AMX AC Mle.1948, AMX50 Foch Q1 2012
  • Renault_G1R, AMX 13 FL11 Q1 2012

British tanks in Q2 2012, Japanese tanks in 2012

Ultimate Conquest (Clan Wars)

  • Fog of war. Q4 2011
  • Vehicle locking. Q4 2011
  • Bigger global map. These regions will be added as follows: North America, Africa, South America, Australia, Korea, China, Japan. 2012
  • Clan gold transations. 2012
  • Clan armory, consumables, and tanks. 2012

Performance and game client

  • Multi-cluster servers Q4 2011
  • Resource compression to speed up loading Q4 2011
  • Pre-caching to help slower computers Q4 2011
  • New visual fx Starting Q4 2011

Various stuff

  • Camo and horns. Q4 2011
  • Mini-map customization. Q4 2011
  • UI tutorial. Q4 2011
  • Quick reports. Q4 2011
  • New crew perks. Starting Q4 2011
  • New achievements. Q1 2012
  • More detailed post-battle reports. Q1 2012
  • Realistic vehicle physics. Q1 2012
  • 5 player platoons. Q1 2012
  • Improved MM. Q1 2012
  • National crew voices. 2012
  • Battle tutorial. 2012
  • Commander’s chart. 2012
  • New chat options, new regional channels. 2012


  • Each update will introduce a new map
  • The North American maps will be introduced in Q4 2011, and after that maps from Africa, South America, Australia, China, Korea, and Japan

Source (Polish).


22 thoughts on “WoT – Dev Plans 2012

  1. Garage battles (limited respawns like in planes) Q1 2012
    Escort (select tanks can cap the enemy base, the enemy needs to kill them) Q1 2012

    E10, AMX 13 FL11,

    Fog of war.
    Bigger global map. These regions will be added as follows: North America, Africa, South America, Australia, Korea, China, Japan. 2012
    Clan gold transations. 2012
    Clan armory, consumables, and tanks. 2012

    5 player platoons.

    Each update will introduce a new map
    The North American maps will be introduced in Q4 2011, and after that maps from Africa, South America, Australia, China, Korea, and Japan

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    1. Isn’t there fog of war in CWs? Last time I’ve played CW battles in 2013 I remember having fog of war.

      Also horns were tested with the camo system but they were scrapped in the end.


      1. They did test something like it in 2013 indeed. But everyone hated it. They even tested it for randoms on one CT I remember. It was removed more or less instantly before CT2 was even up.


      1. Watched Amway visit Kubinka, the 770 is eve sexier up close. I kinda dislike the smooth pike on the 277. The 770 has an armor layout similar to Chieftain, but, like, twice as thick on the hull.


  2. it’s already 2018 and the last time the US TT got reworked was in 2012, it shows how little they care for it since every other tree as seen changes to have at least the 3 top tiers play in a similar way, even more shocking that they have revealed so many plans for 2018 and the US TT never comes up in them, no wonder they are losing players on the NA server


    1. Last part of 2017 was focused on balance across several nations for their TT etc. US is still to come I suspect going by what they want to do after 1.0. Inc Pref MM premium buffs that’s equally overdue.


      1. the thing is that according to recent released info, a sort of unnofficial road map, they are full until at least late 2019 since they are planning 2 new nations, balancing, game modes, etc… realistically only in 2020 would they rework the US TT as they did with the Germans, British, French and now Soviets, of course not forgeting they also changed some parameters in the top tiers for Japan and China so that top tiers gameplay is closer to the mid tiers


          1. what is not wrong with it?
            besides unhistorically overnerfed guns (90mm or higher) to some underperforming tanks (like T32) but the major point, and without trying to elongate too much, is that the gameplay changes too much from tier to tier and they should be reworked, like every other nation was, so that you get a feel of progression in gameplay from tier to tier
            one obvious example is the 2 combos on the TD lines, right now you have the T67>>M18 and T28>>T95 where you learn playing in the lower tier and when moving to the higher tier you can use the same tactics because the higher tiers are fairly similar, just like how you learn to play the MAUS in the new tiers 8 and 9 or how you have the Bat.Chat 12 before the Bat.Chat 25t
            besides the rework there’s also the fact that there’s still so much left to add for the US TT, currently:
            1 MT; 1 LT; 1 SPG; 2 TD; 1 HT & one mixed L/M/HT autoloading line
            realistically you can get (at least):
            1 SPG; 1 LT; 2 TD; 2 HT; 4 MT & 1 autoloading tier 7>>8>>9>>10 MT+ tier 9>>10 autoloading HT mini-line
            with some creativity you can use some turretless HT, MT and LT concepts to make extra TD lines


            1. They won’t fix them the way you want. You point out the low tier TDs vs the high tier TDs however that isn’t as much a problem as most tanks are like that where the low tiers are drastically different than the higher tiers. They are mainly looking for less sudden jumps in playstyle at Tiers 8-10 right now of which America is fine. T28->T95->T110E3 are all similar playstyle of thick front slow moving powerful gun. T28 Proto->T30->T110E4 are slightly weaker front, slightly faster moving, turreted tanks.
              The jump from Tier 7 to Tier 8 they don’t care about as much right now that is later on in the road map. Thats the same reason other than the entire line rebalance of AT or the underperforming SU-100M1 they haven’t touched Tier 7 or lower tanks.

              And the American AT tanks don’t really need buffs or nerfs right now to make them playable or balanced as drastically.


              1. well, it’s not exactly about low tiers, by lower tiers I meant the “lower among those that matter” (Tier 5/6 and above), furthermore you cannot put the T28/T95 together with a T30 and especially a T110 and say it’s gameplay is similar, the difference in mobility is big enough to completely change it’s gameplay because you know that with any T110 you can comfortably change locations, even with a T30 but slower, YET with the 3 T28/95 (4 if you include the reward vehicle, the T28 concept) tanks you know you may not be able to reverse a wrong decision from where to head

                and about the gun buffs, with recent additions they become even more needed, especially the stock/grind guns, on both T28’s, for example, the stock gun cannot pen the frontal “weakspot” of the new Tier 8 premium Polish HT while IRL that gun was superior to the Tiger/Tiger (P) top gun (88 L/71), with this recent power-creep their update became more needed than never


    2. People mock the *Belorussian* developers for being somehow biased towards USSR vehicles, yet when THEIR nation does not get reworks or buffs, they claim their country is losing interest in the game…

      *Sigh* Hypocrites…


        1. By this logic one can mock any and all American games for being biased propaganda as well… something which is untrue for them as is for WoT.

          Besides I do hope Americans aren’t this … limited… to lose interest in a game where their toys are not always the “best” (and to be fair US tanks are VERY powerful in-game IMHO, I play them).


          1. well, your points will be valid IF the majority of US tanks users actually ask for a buff to their favorite tanks, which they don’t, so… when you basically are “saying” they are biased and overall “selfish” from wanting a tech tree being simply fixed/reworked so that it becomes more appealing as a whole to ALL PLAYERS, it shows how BIASED your own opinion is


  3. I suspect Escort would be dead and removed by now anyway. As it sounds to complicated for most considering how other modes fair besides standard battle. And I’m glad Horns never saw the light of day.


      1. the way they were planing it would work in PvP as well since their plan was for a player/players to be selected at random and only them would be able to cap, if you were protecting AI tanks it would be almost impossible, if the VIP is a player it becomes easier for him to avoid getting destroyed


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