EU Server problems – no compensation yet

I’m sure many of you have experienced server problems the last days on EU. This is the official response from Sael_, WGEU Community Coordinator regarding this issue:

It seems WG didn’t learn anything from the other times this kind of situation happened, and didn’t create a team for quickly responding to such problems or in case of failure, compensating players.

Also, according to Falathi, Polish CC, the WG staff are still considering giving the players a compensation. We’ll just have to wait for them to make up their mind.


7 thoughts on “EU Server problems – no compensation yet

  1. CEF stands for Chromium Embedded Framework.
    He’s probably referring to the fact that multiple players found a trojan in their WOT Client, that has the purpose of mining bitcoin. It’s largely apparent that the trojan was downloaded with the client updates from a company in Ukraine, that is employed by WG to distribute the game (or something like that).
    Essentially, you unwillingly mine Bitcoin for the person/s that work at that company and managed to sneak in the trojan.

    The simplest way to determine if you got infected, is to monitor your GPU load : if it’s 100% or close to when it shouldn’t be (like browsing the net or something), you most likely got it.


    1. Forgot to say : it’s just a theory right now, as it’s neither been confirmed or denied, and player recounts are sketchy at best and a lot of things don’t add up or make sense in what they’re saying. I myself have not found anything unusual with my client.


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