Ukrainian WoT Streamer faces a 5 year prison sentence for extremism

In the Pskov region, a player of the popular game World of Tanks has been detained, as his actions encouraged extremism and promoted this pattern of behavior.
In the court of the city of Velikie Luki in the Pskov region, a criminal case was filed about extremism against local resident Mikhail Larionov, who in the online game World of Tanks allegedly called for “aggressive actions against the Russians.” This is reported by the center “Owl”.

According to investigators, from 3rd to 10th of January, 2017, Larionov posted on the site a video “Disrespect for the Ukrainian people!”. The video is currently unavailable. According to “Owl”, we are talking about a fragment of 3 minutes 21 seconds from the stream recording of the multiplayer game World of Tanks, during which the players talk through microphones. Larionov, who played under the nickname Mixa60RuS, and other players, trolled and insulted a Crimean woman under the nickname ANETKA210185 while impersonating the image of Ukrainian nationalists, who hate Russia and Russians.

For extremist actions the player now faces five years of imprisonment.


27 thoughts on “Ukrainian WoT Streamer faces a 5 year prison sentence for extremism

  1. Somebody pls explain to me these. My english is not strong enough to fully understand. What is “Owl”? What did this guy did with simpier terms? Call russians names? Incites hate or something? Is there no free speak in Ukrain right now?


    1. He’s facing 5 years so I’d wager he did something similar to this: “gas all the jews”; “all niggers are gorillas and should be turned to soup”; “american imperialist pigs should die”; “Trump is Hitler” etc.

      Sure, you can say whatever you want. Likewise, the rest of us, civilized society, can throw you in the clink for some quality time with bubba.

      Best policy is to keep you fucking mouth shut and let society kill itself.

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  2. “…trolled and insulted a Crimean woman under the nickname ANETKA210185 while impersonating the image of Ukrainian nationalists, who hate Russia and Russians.”

    So there’s the real issue….not extremism…(which is what the entire Ukranian “government” is).He gets imprisoned because he impersonated the extremists who rule this tortured country.

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  3. Good to see the Iron Curtain still being strongly in position in some areas of this world.

    Why would someone from country A impersonating someone from country B be imprisoned unless country B secretly governed country A behind the curtains?

    That would be the same as if someone from the Netherlands impersonated someone from Belgium and then the Dutch National would be thrown in jail by the Dutch justice system (controlled behind the curtain by the Belgian government)……Just weird.

    Good thing Ukraine is not corrupt and on it’s way to become yet another EU country, wouldn’t want unstable entities in the EU now would we?

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  4. So, what I’m getting from this, is that he’s facing prison for complaining about Russian control over his country.

    Does this mean I need to stop complaining about Trump?


    1. Russians wish they controlled Ukraine, They used to,but now Ukraine is under EU and US control.Mainly EU,hence their strong presence there.


  5. LOL well then. If that were the case in NA i’d be in jail for 100+ years for ragging on the Brazilian players. But then again I live in Murica so meh. Bit harsh though to give 5 years for what is essentially childish behavior.


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