War Thunder – Special Banhammer 12.02.2018

This time it’s not about script kiddies, but about the scum of the earth who thinks the game is their sandbox.

Dear players,

you all know that we have always supported the principle of fair play. Every tanker or pilot, whether he is your ally or your opponent is still a player the same as you, who wants to enjoy the game. Sometimes specific players try and spoil the fun, especially teamkillers and greifers. Frequently, they will be punished by our automated punishment system, but certain unfair moves are difficult to detect with our system, for instance we just banned 7 players who violated our fair play rules for 14 days.



One thought on “War Thunder – Special Banhammer 12.02.2018

  1. This is a game, not north korea, you don’t have to announce bans like fucking propaganda announcing which traitor got executed today.


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