World of Tanks 1.0 Preview

Special thanks to MatchyHK for sending this to us.

Maps available:

Random battle (15v15):

  1. Karelia

  2. Malinovka

  3. Himmelsdorf

  4. Prokorovka

  5. Ensk

  6. Lakeville

  7. Ruinberg

  8. Mines (also known as Hills)

  9. Murovanka

  10. Erlenberg

  11. Siegfried Line

  12. Cliff

  13. Abbey (also known as Monastery)

  14. Westfield

  15. Sandriver (Desert)

  16. El Hallouf

  17. Airfield

  18. Fjords

  19. Redshire

  20. Steppes

  21. Fisherman’s Bay

  22. Mountain Pass

  23. Arctic Region (Mannerheim Line)

  24. Live Oaks (North America)

  25. Tundra

  26. Overlord

  27. Paris

  28. Serene Coast

Grand Battle:

  1. Nebelburg

Additional information:

  • World of Tanks 1.0 is trying to maintain the current hardware requirement (Based on RU server readings).

  • Maps are now classified into 4 themes for music and there will be 4 new basic soundtrack and will be put into a different mix in different composition.

  • There are a huge number of map changes. Changes such as fixing some silly hiding places or terrain that exists on live servers, especially those located at the border of the map.

  • Terrain in general is flatter, but tanks with good gun depression can still abuse them really well.

  • Fjords, Erlenburg and Fisherman’s Bay received a massive overhaul.

  • Steppes map balance was fixed after the negative feedback received since the Sandbox Test server (North spawn being completely broken is now fixed).

  • Live Oaks got a route through the middle of the swamp (a more obvious one at least).

  • According to the map developers, the terrain level is kept at the same level of the current maps, but people are feeling the maps become flatter.

  • It is harder to jump down from the bridge on the map Westfield.

  • Nebelburg is prone to crash during the supertest stage, developers are working on it to make sure it is stable enough to be release to the public.

  • If you find some textures that are not rendered properly, you should report them to the forum, as low-res texture (with ultra-settings on texture) can be cause by improper texture rendering settings set by WG.

  • Missing maps from the live server (e.g. Swamp, Stalingrad, Pilsen) might not make it into 1.0 release, but they will be added back to the client later (around 6 maps are under rework).

  • Double maps aka Winter Himmelsdorf, Winterburg will be removed from the game.

  • Bouncing trees when a vehicle is nearby is a bug.