WoT – Update 0.9.22 review


5 thoughts on “WoT – Update 0.9.22 review

  1. they really dare to state “the 264 v4 worked well on test server”? along with “Obj 705A has its pros and cons”? gundepression seems to be the ONLY downside of 705A, otherwise that thing was considered by almost everone borderline if not pure OP on CT.

    and Obj 257? some slight ninjabuff right before live server brings back side armot back to 45mm, meaning even 130mm guns wont overmatch the sides and make this thing a puer bounce wonder. tier 7 tanks have almost NO chance, as most of them don’t even overmatch the 30mm spot on the rooftop on top of the gun.

    and for 430U: cupolas were weakspots from the very beginning of WoT. not anymore. plus mobility (and camo) of MT, but better armored than 113 with similar DPM. seems totally well balanced! *fp*

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    1. I think big CC should point out in their reviews that this update is absolutely retarded. Maybe WG will do something after receiving some backlash.


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