Valentine II as the reward for the upcoming mini-marathon

According to this post on polish WoT facebook page, the main reward for the 2 week marathon is the tier 4 russian premium light tank, the Valentine II.

27 thoughts on “Valentine II as the reward for the upcoming mini-marathon

  1. NA server had Pz58, T34B and IS-6B recently in a marathon. Time to mass migrate from the EU shithole.

    1. NA server is dying anyways, many employees are leaving and all tournaments are gone for good.

  2. Stupid WG clowns. NA gets 3 tier 8 premium tanks, EU gets 1 tier 4 premium tank. Fuck you WG cunts.

      1. Or maybe you mean this:
        \”EU server is stable, so of course they\’ll do to piss off as much people as they can.\”

  3. 1. If you enjoy the game, buy max 2-3 tier 8 tanks (is enough) and stop suport wg for pixel crap tanks.
    2. Get premium time only when you got time to play.
    3. WAKE UP guys and stop buying espensive pixel items from them. Don\’t worth it…
    Once again EU server is as usual full of shit rewards!

  4. I expected the Valentine II as surprise for the Valentins day as they mentioned a surprise for that day. This tank as a reward for marathon seems not that interessting. I hope they will at least payout GOLD when you are already an owner, otherwise I would be just annoyed.

      1. I know, but they can always set it up as they wish. They should do it different this time as it is a Tier IV only. But still hope we will get an interessting Tier 6 tank since a Tier 4 tank as reward for a 2 weeks marathon is crap.

  5. ++According to this post on polish WoT facebook page, the main reward for the 2 week marathon is the tier 4 russian premium medium tank, the Valentine II.++

    BTW: The Valentine II is a light tank, not a medium tank. Should be corrected.

  6. Considering this tank is often on sale for 500 gold ; if this marathon asks for anything more complicated than \”win 10 games over two weeks\” then it\’s not worth it.

    We had the T-34-85M, really great tier 6 premium, for basicaly playing for an hour, 10 days out of 13. And the US tier 8 I forgot the name of for a very easy set of missions that did not require much effort either.

    And now a marathon for a tier 4 that costs less than 2 garage slots.

  7. And every year for Valentines, Valentine II get 75% price reduction.. so 5 days for 250 gold.

  8. 2 week marathon for a tank they usually sell at 75% discount this time of year?

    Yer \’avin a larf.

  9. (There will be a new mission every day – completing one will earn you a small reward, plus a token that you\’ll need to win the main prize. Collect eight tokens from 4 February at 06:00 to 19 February at 06:00 CET (UTC+1) and win the following: ) meanwhile the marathon lasts 11 days and it starts at 4 february ! u do the math ! Also i suspect there might be something extra happening with this tank at the last 4 (valentines) days so probably only those who got the tank can experience that .

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