WoT Supertest – Studzianki Map

The ST server got another iteration of the Studzianki map.

Some changes compared to the previous version (also POIs):

  1. An encircled factory, literally a small duel arena
  2. A fairly secure place to sneak around the cap
  3. In theory the LT and MT go-to place
  4. Hardcover shooting gallery
  5. Sand River 2.0
  6. A cheeky place for quick tanks


28 thoughts on “WoT Supertest – Studzianki Map

  1. Uhm…WTF has happened to this map since 2015/16?!? Why the revert from an almost complete map back to prototyping quality?

    It’s development state was near completion, a map fully worked out (with all the scrubs/trees/rocks/buildings/etc), fully textured (all the ground textures and details) and completed lighting effects.

    So why revert this map back a prototyping stage?
    Did some former map designer, out of revenge, deleted his work?

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    1. My guess they will wait to release it in HD Quality and therefor with completely new assets. So no need to work on the soon obsolete standard version anymore (which probably still lacked quite some detailing)

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      1. Original Studzianki Map version, that was almost ready (~90% completion) to be released in 2015/16 (!):

        Why completely scrap a good and positive received (super test) map design/layout? Why DELETE ALL of that and completely start over from scratch? It just does not compute.
        Seeing the quality in design and layout of current version, in my honest opinion, it does not come close to the quality of map design we were shown in the original 2015/16 version.

        Only explanation I have is that
        a) the old version did no longer comply to current 2017/18 company standards/design philosophy and monitization goals. Thus a full rework was needed. OR
        b) they either had some kind of data loss and lost the 2015/16 map completely. And thus had to start from scratch (phun intended: using Kisley’s son’s napkin drawings…).


        1. That original version is very different, it could be used as a separate map design. They could implement both, the game needs more maps like this.


    1. It’s only terrible for the ones that are driving slow superheavies. So only because of that it’s a great map already. If WG introduces a couple of open maps, the meta will shift again to somewhat more skill based (flanking, vision control, situational awareness).

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    1. Nah, only if you are driving superheavies you are limited in your choices. If you’re driving a heavy with decent mobility, you can go to the hills, the linear village and the factory.

      And besides that, you should adapt to the situation on the map. It’s not like “hurr durr, I’m heavy, I go city/factory…”


    1. I agree. It would be nice that WG produces maps where you can engage your targets from range. In the current map meta there is no room for tanks like the Leo and such tanks.

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  2. Here we can see why WG don’t listen so much the players, they don’t know even the basics about the maps. This map has place for every class, but until someone play, noone can say for sure what is about this map. It seems like a mixture of Sand River + Redshire.


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