WoT Supertest: New map “Airline”

Yet again a new addition to the WoT Supertest. The name of the map is ‘Airline”, even though directly translated it means ‘Straight line“.  This one looks rather good and reminds me of Pearl River, what do you think?


31 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: New map “Airline”

  1. looks good? how!
    another brawl corridor “Super Mario Brothers” cartoon Map on a Island?

    again how hard is it to do for WOT any of the 100’s of REAL LIFE battle maps since the WW1 to present day

    WOT soon gonna be more like “cartoon game of pretend Tanks”

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    1. U mean this clearly isn’t the final version of the map, I would say the current textures are probably placeholders, and there’s no grass. It’s not going to look like this in the end. Also, real life battlefields would not really necessarily make good WoT maps.


      1. But still, I think I can understand what Mike is saying. These locations aren’t real or based on real locations like WG could be doing. Instead they’re creating corridor maps that are pretty confined.

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  2. With all these elevations this map reminds a bad Lakeville.. If the other flank lose, you can’t help at all. That’s why Pearl River was a BAD map.

    Better for them to get rid off the stick they ride, and look at the console version maps. There is already an island map with airfield like the Pacific atolls, just copy that one with a few tweaks.


    1. Not only that, but all the segmented mesas give very little capability for tanks at different levels to support each other; once you follow a ramp to a different level, you’re separated by a cliff, and that separation will exceed your gun elevation/depression ability unless you try to dangle off the edge of a cliff risking going over the edge and blowing up for the dubious value of taking a single shot. About the only thing that I can see that the map would have going for it is that with all the sharp elevation changes, there will be lots of dead zones where arty won’t be able to hit you.

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  3. They should make more maps like Fisherman’s Bay, Steppes and Redshire. Malinovka ain’t bad either. Every tank class has a role on those maps. They should not make any more maps like Charkov, Pilsen, Ensk, Himmelsdorf and Stalingrad. If you are not playing a heavy tank on those maps, you are screwed.

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    1. Yes,but in the current WG income policy,you have to play in cages and corridors,so that viewrange,spotting mechanics and flanking become irrelevant,so gameplay shifts towards heavy tank browling,where you need to shoot a shitload of gold to pen tank armor,which is made in such a way,that it is too hard to pen with regular ammo,and too soft for gold prem rounds….dawai comrad.

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      1. I agree. Intelligent playing is not being promoted by WG. They love to see noobs spending gold to get a Type 5 Heavy and derp away with goldshells that do more dmg than regular shells without any drawback. Penetrating isn’t necessary, so you don’t have to learn weakspots. Flanking isn’t possible on 7/10 maps, so you can hide your minimap. You only have to look what’s in front of you. Just point and click and if you want to be badass, press ‘W’ every once in a while…

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      2. Plus,genious WG devs are wondering why battles have become 3-4 min slaughters…
        Just 2 hints Einsteins at WG:
        1. Armor became irrelevant the past 1-2 years with all this prem spamm,so tanks that should hold chokepoints,corners,hull down positions and prevent or delay attacks,get shit on by the goldstorm and die first.You rely on your turret armor Mr.E100,Ms.Type 5,Mr.JPZ-E100,etc etc??…F#ck you,get spammed with gold by 6 medium tankdriving stat padders who go brawl heavy side and shoot gold exclusively, and by the gold shooting 390+ TD,so they can out-dpm and out-pen everything in their way.Get good and angle your turret they say,too bad that everybody and their mother will shoot you at the exact moment you turn your turret to shoot,with gold,and rush you down to finish you next,and GG.
        2. CITY maps.
        Its so nice and enjoyable if half team,including lights,arty,soft TDs,have absolutely no role in Charkov,Stalingrad,Pilsen,Paris,Himmelsdorf,etc etc.
        Yeah,lights can make an initial spotting,and then go hide in a wine cellar,get drunk,relax,and wait for the heavy brawl to see whos gonna win.Or arty,it can shoot a square here and a square there,hoping some dumm noob will cross those 2 squares…if not,fck you,wait for the heavy brawl.
        Soft sniper-TDs and soft support meds,samewise.
        Of course,city maps contribute also greatly to 3-min stomps,just because there is really no way to tell if the enemy team is gonna camp and ambush,YOLO with 10 tanks left side or YOLO with 10 tanks right side and end it quickly,because theres no early warning or spotting possible……same corner you and your platoon mates peeked previous battle and was safe,has 4 TDs and 3 heavys ambushing you this battle,sending your tank to Valhalla in 1 min.

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    1. Welcome to the club.

      I wasn’t credited either when they posted the picture of the Mauerbrecher retarded backstory I posted on reddit.


  4. “what do you think?” …yet another incredibad corridor f-fest of a map.

    How do these concept maps ever pass from concept stage to the actual test build is beyond me!…but what ever typical Wargaming map development quality at it’s best I guess.
    That Circon got it right all along about Victor Kisley’s being the WG’s main “conceptual map designer” *insert_troll_face*.

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    1. If they just replace those cliffs that change the corridors in the south and west for hills which you can drive over, it will be a lot better. Corridors aren’t bad, you need driving lanes, but the battles shouldn’t be forced to be lineair. If you can drive through/over the terrain/scenery that create corridors, the games will be much more dynamic.

      Just look at Redshire, best map in the game. It has it’s corridors, but those are made by hills and there are long shooting lanes all across the map.


      1. first sentence is a bit weird. If they just replace those cliffs that create the corridors in the south and west for hills (which you can drive over), it will be a lot better…


  5. Well the pattern is clear when they design new maps. Corridors everywhere without long engagements, insanely strong defensive positions and generally zero skill involved in playing them. GJ WG, your dedication in dumbing down game is ruining all the fun in this game

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  6. Well another “Rush B” map… is it impossible to do an open map?!? And ffs do more desert maps, we only got 3! Why should i waste gold on desert camo in WoT current state?!? GEEZ

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