Meanwhile in China: Facts you may not know about WoT CN

Article written by KV-183 for TAP. Check out Duowan and the Duowan forums if you happen to speak Mandarin.

Hi all,

I was hilariously named as “KV-183” by my friends, indicating that I am maniac for the KV-2 and FV215b(183). Now, I am the editor of the WoT sector in Duowan, and the administrator of the Duowan WoT forum, which is, I believe, one of the biggest WoT communities in China. Nevertheless, most of my colleagues in Duowan simply call me “183” and they don’t know where this nickname originated.

I’ve been a loyal reader of TAP, and suddenly I think I might do something for this site and those readers like me. Barricaded well by the GFW (Great Firewall) of China, the Chinese neither have the chance to talk to the outsiders nor get enough exposure to the international society. Quite obviously I just want to deliver something in between, as long as I can get across the wall and speak English. I think I ought to tell the world “what’s it like in China”, not just keep telling Chinese “what’s it like outside”.

So, uh, let’s start with some short little facts:

1. As you all know, tundra is legal in China. I’m not quite sure about the reason, but it seems that Kongzhong (who runs WoT in mainland China) put the tundra in some kind of whitelist and they simply don’t ban players using this mod – actually almost everyone in China use tundra, but some team members of WGL teams like EL Gaming, YaTo Gaming, etc.

2. Although there is such thing called “Kongzhong Arena” (we’ll call this shite KA), but they haven’t hosted any event since 2015, until September 2017. Such a huge break is not acceptable for teams like YaTo and EL Gaming – so they fled. And they two almost dominate the Asia WGL, lol.

3. Kongzhong sells almost everything but the arseholes of their employees. You can easily buy Object 777 version II and T95/Chieftain or even Chieftain Mk.VI, as long as you can accept the price. Ironically, now they are selling the techtrees – as you checked, their employees would temporarily reset your password and freeze your account for a while, and they would login to your account with huge amount of XP to research the tier X vehicle that you wanted. They even give you a group of 1 skill BIA crew!

4. Huge amount of bots in random battles. These bots are used by those who want tier X vehicles but don’t want to spend time or money. Just take a closer look at your surroundings, you can easily see 4~6 bots in one round. The bots are following certain routes, or one random ally (even SPG). The will shoot, and some of these bots even shoot prem shells. Most of these bots are integrated with aimbot, so uh, they are very accurate, even more accurate then actual players. If they get hit, they would back, and move forward a bit later if they are not continuously getting damaged. If there is no visible enemy and they are close to the enemy base, they would cap. These zombies can be easily recognized – most of the time, they are slowly turning their turrets, aiming at nowhere. Funny things happen when a lot of bots are trying to follow each other: they act like plankton. Probably that is another example of AI, lmfao.

5. WoT CN has approximately the equivalent user numbers of CIS, but no one knows how many of these accounts are actually active. People leave everyday. Some of them get bored because they have all the tier X vehicles, and some are frustrated by the bots and the poisonous gameplay. Many of Chinese players escape to the Asia server and yelling why WZ-111 only has 250 pen HEAT and why every prem vehicle is so expensive. Lmao again, that is how it should be though.

I studied abroad during my college time, and I didn’t play WoT in China until 2014. Not using tundra is way easier for me than others in China. I am still playing in Asia server sometimes. Personally speaking, I hated Kongzhong so much, I thought they ruin this game. Someday, one guy told me, with zen-ish tone, maybe, Kongzhong brought Chinese a way more colorful and differentiated WoT. Obj.907 and 260 are nothing rare in China, so is the WT E100. Maybe it is colorful, and it is different, but I am saying that it’s a jungle, and I now have to try to cooperate with the tiger.

Please feel free to leave comments asking anything, I’ll see if I can answer next time in the manner of the old-fashioned Q&As.