World of Tanks Asia: Holiday Ops fiasco continues

Thanks to DeadArashi for the mail.

So the fiasco on the Asia server regarding the loot boxes not having decorations hasn’t calmed down… Rather, it’s escalated to the point where WG are now blatantly doing false advertising.

Here we can see on the advent calendar a new item advertised: the Holiday Ops crates. But in the description it says “Collect all decoration sets” implying that decorations are contained in the crates.

But there’s not. There’s still no warning up on the premium store or on the Holiday Ops that you get directed to from the advent calendar. Unless you hover over the box on the site to see what’s in the box (and continued lack of decorations) WG is leading players to believe that if they purchase the boxes now, they will get decorations… which they won’t.

To make it worse still, upon logging into World of Tanks, players are presented the advent calendar with the same false advertising:

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Whether this is intentional or not, this is false advertising or a deceptive business practice and that’s illegal. And we may never know what’s going on because, except for the compensation at the beginning of the event, there have been no updates from WG at all.