9.22 – How the Soviet Tech Tree will look

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54 thoughts on “9.22 – How the Soviet Tech Tree will look

    1. Hello my friend , Can you tell me when Public Testing should begin for this new 9.22 update or patch. Thank you and Hope all is well with you.


    1. well, it does not, it looks that way but it’s not what they did and we will most likely see the addition of a tier 7 and 8 in the future so that all 6 HT top tiers (IS-7, IS-4 sucessor, ST-I sucessor, Obj.705A, T-10 unknown sucessor and possible Super Heavy Tank, recenty there have been some rumors about one of the KV-4 proposals) branch from at least 3 HT lines, possibly:
      SHT+ ST-II??


      1. a super heavy wouldnt fit the playstyle and the tree developments that WG has been doing lately with tanks in certain lines (especialy in the higher tiers) have same properties and simmilar playstyle, so having a tier 10 super heavy comming from tanks like an is-3 and t-10 wouldnt make much sense, either its gonna be a new paper tank, a WG fake or T-10M (basicly same shit as tier 9 T-10 but with minor improvements just like the tier 9 and 10 japanese and new french heavies)


        1. it does fit if it branches from the KV-4, going from KV-4 to SY-I does not fit the “logical gameplay progression” they mentioned as the main reason of this massive rework (basically doubling the number of tier 10 MTs and HTs)
          you also cannot forget another key aspect in all of this, the rumors say there’s finally plans to introdce multi-gun/multi-turret mechanism in the game, if with that they add the ST-II it will most likely separate from the KV-4 line because they can make a multi-turret line from mid-tiers to top (SMK, T-100, etc)

          about T-10, there’s most likely another of those late “lighter-heavies” design available for it, there’s already the Obj.777II with 135/115/45 mm all around, the armour does compare a bit to the T-10 and both are a bit like a mix between HT and MBTs, if any other variant of said design was similar it does fit the progression from T-10 to another mobile and a bit less armoured top tier HT
          both weight around 50tons while the T10 has almost 15hp/t while the Obj.777II has 17hp/t, really respectable power/weight ratios especially when compared to the soviet non-reward tier 10 MTs


          1. For me, the two candidates as TX after the T-10 are the Object 277 and the Object 770.
            Both are equipped with the 130mm M65, both are direct successors of the T-10 with the same philosophy, both prototypes are present in Kubinka.

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        1. So, WG just temporarily misplaced tier 10 for the rear-turreted branch.

          OK. Let them look. They should check where have they seen him last. Going through bundles of old tank-inventors napkins, I guess.


  1. lol they fuck up their fav tech tree… so much…
    and btw. if they resell the su-122-54 as premium, im gonna stop playing… cuz they are not fucking fair cuz other branches get free “reward” tanks
    I hope the ruskies gonna whine enough to change their idiotic plans


    1. don’t know if they will make it a premium from the start, and with some tweaking it could work at tier 8, or if they won’t reserve it for a possible “lighter” TD, line based on mobility, that has been requested for years, with vehicles like ASU-57 and ASU-85 at lower tiers (correct me if I am wrong but, wasn’t the ASU-85 modeled a few years ago?), one thing is for sure, they already have a tier 8 trainer for each branch, SU-100Y and ISU-122S for front casemate TDs (Obj.268) and KV-4 KTTS for rear-casemated TDs (Obj.263), they even have a crew trainer for a possible turreted TD line, the T-103


    1. At the moment, I believe so, yes. However, keep in mind that this is still all in supertest (not to mention, this is WG we’re talking about), so everything is subject to change.


    1. Tbh the issue with the american MT lines is that americans had a lot of meds but they are leading to each other i.e. you can’t seperate them into more branches. Because let’s see what we have
      M3 Lee -> M4 -> M4A3E2/8 -> Т20 -> М26 Pershing ->M46 Patton -> M47 Patton -> M48A1 -> M48A3 -> M48A5 -> M60 -> M60A3 -> M60A4 -> M60A5 and so on. You see that this is logical progression for one not multiple branches. The biggest problem imo is that WG are extending big enough already tech trees (soviet and german) and even creating fake tanks for filling trees that don’t need it (*cough* Chinese TDs *cough*) while there are nations with many real tank branches. Let me name a few:
      1) Japanese TDs (there is a proposal for them including premium ones made for TAP by @leggasiini if Im spelling it correct)

      2) Swedish TDs (second branch featuring only UDESes)

      3) Swedish medium tanks up to tier X (2 branches to be exact)

      4) Swedish LTs up to tier X
      5) even swedish arties
      6) Chezhoslovakian LTs up to tier X
      7) Chezhoslovakian MTs up to tier X (2 or 3 lines, can’t remember)
      8) Chezhoslovakian TDs once again 2 branches
      And these are on the top of my head. So we should really be wondering why the fuck are WG doing so little non-premium content most of which is mostly fake/blueprint when there are so many more lines to fill the emptier nations like I mentiones the Japanese, the swedish and the chezh


      1. This is absolutely not the case, America has enough prototypes and paper projects to fill out 2 more medium lines with premiums for those lines as well


        1. For the US, you have tons of paper projects (they are just concept drawings), not only a limited of them are interesting, and only a limited of them can make a congruent line. Lot of projects are equivalent in term of firepower and differ only on limited points.
          In clear potential lines, see this page: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/550734-branches-de-chars-et-nations-potentielles-pour-wot/page__pid__12028761#entry12028761
          We have :
          – one minibranch of meds including the Yoh Tank and the two 4 Tracks tanks
          – the M60 minibranch (T42, XM60, M60A1)
          – the T95 med minibranch (T95, T95E7, T95E9)
          – the heavy T96 minibranch (T96, T96-2), which are uparmored T95 tanks.

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          1. why the “minibranch” thing? you know you can build entire lines with them (only including grinding tiers, aka tier 5/6 to 10) with them, of course it is also true that out of 8 or 9 T95 alternatives you can make possibly 2 extra minibranches (tier 8 to 10) with those
            and about the paper projects, some of them are detailed enough to avoid making a copy of currently available vehicles, some even have all the internal parts specified, and others even reached as far as mock-up stage from where they can be scanned (if they can find them)
            I would even go as far as say you could pick some of the LT, MT, HT and MBT turretless designs and add a complete “traditional” GMC/TD line


          2. btw that TT proposal does not solve the main problem of the US TT, there’s little to not “logical gameplay progression” on some of the lines, like both TD lines, you have no armour with the T25/2, Hellcat or T30 but have enough with the T28 and the fake T110E3, or the medium line (armour based Jumbo to firepower based T20 to armour based M26 to mobility based M46 to armour and firepower based M48)
            it also does not solve the problem with the T32 at tier 8, strong but getting weaker by the minutte at tier 8 (especially with the addition of the most recent monsters, both premium and non-premium) and completely harmless has when uptiered, you would expect it to have a mobility upgrade due to being developed based on the M26 and that it could at least compete with tier 9 and 10 MTs, unfortunatly it does not
            in addition to that they mentioned they will be looking at tier 7, I believe the T29 will get a massive nerf despite being only a situational OP HT when top-tier, having the same gun as the T32 it also suffers from the new German and Japanese SHTs and the OP premiums at tier 8, it’s useless against them and a easy target, unless they can only see your mantlet

            either way that proposal is too confusing because it’s just the case of adding new stuff, not really reoganizing in ways it makes adding new stuff a logical option


      2. yes we can
        with medium tanks and prototypes alone I can make you 4 different MT lines for the US TT, each with their own unique gameplay (armour, mobility, DPM and raw firepower), although I must be honest and say that it was easier to do it before they made the T25 Pilot and T26E5 into premiums, on the other hand it’s just 2 out of 20 or so (tier 6 to tier 10)
        if we go into concepts you can make a few more, like the Yoh medium tanks The_Chieftain talked about once in 2012 or 2013


    1. To be exact, in the soviet heavy tanks, the development steps were :
      IS-6 (competitor of the Obj.701 / IS-4) –> Obj.252 –> Obj.257 / 258 –> Obj.260 –> IS-7
      The position of the 257 as tier 9 between the IS-3 / IS-6 and IS-7 is thus perfectly logical.


  2. So if you already have an Obj 263 will you get reimbursed for the difference in price as it drops a tier? I’m under no delusion that they’ll give us a tier 10 Obj 268 v4 for free…


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