WoT – IS Starts The New USSR HT Branch?

Information about the new HT minibranch is cruising around the internet, and now thanks to the WG fest it got a new spin. The devs seemed to have planned to start the branch from the KV-13… That’s right, past tense, because of course a shitstorm happened in defense of that tank as the last bastion of old WoT.

And then of course WG bent over backwards.

Friends, an important change! We listened to your opinions and right now we’re testing the variant in which the new line leading to the Obj. 705A starts from the IS, not the KV-13. Remember that this is not a final decision and is subject to change.

21 thoughts on “WoT – IS Starts The New USSR HT Branch?

  1. When I started to farm Exp on the IS, they say it start from KV-13 ;
    So I started to farm Exp on the KV-13 and now they say it start from the IS 😐


  2. People weren’t exactly happy with the original setup, so I’m not too surprised. Makes more sense anyways, especially since the vehicle itself was a revision of the IS-2, as Nishizumi77 pointed out above.


  3. IS? Well I don’t mind playing that again to grind XP. I was skeptical that it would start from the KV-3, as it did on one of the screens. That would be a pain in the ass. As it’s by far the most useless tier 7 HT… even more so then the Tiger P in my book.


    1. Yes WG decided to make a new line from KV-13 which has everything instead of a good gun. It has good mobility, armor and viewrange, but that that 85mm gun is something like a big middle finger. No pen, no damage, no DPM against T-34-85M and even standart T-34-85 have better DPM. It is a real shame.
      But i bought it anyways and made some ACE tankers, 25K XP and then… WG decided to fuck with everybody who wanted some XP for a new line… WTF…

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        1. But there will be always some asshole defending WG and their stupid decisions. That screen with KV-13 was from WG fest so i picked KV-13. People who were complaining on forums “that new HT line is going from KV-13 cryyyyyyy beeeeeeeeh” are just idiots who cant play with underpowered MT. But i take it, there is not too many fools with 5 skill crews and almost nobody is using prem food. Instead of me and very few violets. 😉


          1. You know that in supertest EVERYTHING can change right?
            So what if that screen comes from WG Fest? Its still not a final product, a placeholder, first version, you name it.
            Not to mention its freakin’ WG, one should tread really carefully because WG like to flip-flop like a pancake especially concerning incoming tank stats or techtree. On this week they say A, next week they can say B or AB. Until they finally say ‘This stat/tech tree is final and not change anymore’ its safer to wait.

            Oh and also its far more logical to have an IS improvement project to be researched from the IS tank itself.


            1. Even after WG makes the annoucements and the news is well and out, WG can still change things around. FV215b – Chieftain swap, anyone?

              Best to just sit on a pile of free exp and wait untill changes hit the live server.


  4. That is much more logical, thanks
    Now, WG, would you grow some more logic and cancel that Obj 263 change? Add that new tier X as a microbranch and everyone will be happy.


  5. It was a logical thing to start from the IS, but the WG Fest announcement of KV13 made many people (including me) buy the KV-13 and start grinding xp. Now I have something like 30k and not sure if I should go on playing or not.


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