WoT – enCore : Test the new engine

According to an earlier announcement, World of Tanks enCore is a demo application for the Core – the new unveiled graphics engine for World of Tanks. You can run World of Tanks enCore on your computer to estimate its performance in World of Tanks with the Core engine (how would it run after 1.0 is released).


16 thoughts on “WoT – enCore : Test the new engine

  1. It’s pretty vague, and only allows for three preset resolutions, none of which are the one I actually play at.

    So I’ve a score of 27839 and no other context to it, or any direct meaning.


      1. Bah, I’m an idiot. I completely misunderstood what it was saying. You can change the res, on the lower left, it’s not linked to the detail setting.

        So 27839 at 1920×1080, and drops to 19238 at 2560×1440.


  2. For the first time since I got into WOT, feels like the money earned by the devs is actually invested back in the game. WG got on my good side with this, hope the game gets updated soon and not in HD-tanks style over several years. For now – thanks, WG!


  3. It ran surprisingly well on ultra…if WG mentions anything above 8000+ points is deemed to run very good and anything above 10k will always be fluid.

    Ultra gave me 8800+ and medium setting 22k+. So with customized detail settings with some things set on ultra and others on high to medium one can, I presume, get a nice looking puctire that runs rather smooth.

    My system btw is an old s775 system with: Xeon 5460 @ 4ghz, 8gb ram and AMD R9 270x.


  4. i see a problem with it. unless you have a nvidia 10xx card or amd equivelant it wont even let you select max settings. that is interesting. right now i can play it max settings with ultra settings and i was even playing the public test 3.0 ( newest test) at ultra settings with no problems with 60fps with my i7980x and single gtx 560Ti FTW but the “test” thing says i dont meet requirements for ultra settigns???? really then how come i could play it just find in core public test 3.0?


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