WG Fest Info

As you know, WG fest has kicked off today in Moscow, Russia and there are russian sites who cover it.

Compiled by halmyradov

„So here we go:
– Those who haven’t received presents from World of Warships – be patient you will be taken care of, however don’t expect premium time. (Not sure it it’s only RU but since a couple of days WoWs players are getting e-mails to claim premium days (7-10 days) and free exp.(40-80k). You only need to login to the game to claim)
– There are some ideas about offering the special vehicles (foch 155 & deathstar) for bonds.
– There are no plans of changing T-22m (how could it be a WG event without this question?)
– No plans of rebalancing Japanese heavies
– Next patch will be announced tonight, at the stage. It will be released in February and will bring a lot of changes to Soviet tanks. let the ST-II hype begin
World of tanks 1.0 will be out in March 2018!
– there will be 30 HD maps at the time of release
– WG announces the EnCore app, this will allow you to test how your system will perform with the new HD maps. They say it’s available from right now – we have a link : http://wotencore.net/
– No need to worry about HD maps, everyone who can play now – will be able to play after the update.
test of HD maps Beta of WoT 1.0 will last 1 month
– WoWS Blitz announced on RU region, you can already download it. (It seems to be available on EU too)”