Supertest – Object 705A


Tier: HT-10, USRR, standard
HP: 2450
Engine: 1500 HP
Weight: 100 t
Max. weight: 105 t
Power-to-weight: 15 HP/t
Max. speed forwards/backward: 40 / -15 km/h
Hull traverse speed: 24 °/s
Turret traverse speed: 29.2 °/s
Terrain resistance: 1.247 / 1.726 / 2.973
View range: 390 m
Signal range: 720 m

Hull armor: 170 / 180 / 60
Turret armor: 330 / 180 / 120

Gun: 152 mm M-51

Damage: 650 / 650 / 840
Penetration: 256 / 310 / 90
RPM: 3.457
DPM: 2247
Reload speed: 17.356 s
Accuracy: 0.422
Aim time: 2.68 s
Gun depression/elevation: -5 / +20




19 thoughts on “Supertest – Object 705A

  1. “152 mm M-51

    Damage: 650 ”

    Is this a joke ? Every 150-155mm guns doing 750dmg, this one doing less for no reason.
    But other than that it looks like a very interesting vehicle. I’m gonna seriously reconsider finishing my T-10 now, the IS-7 isnt that appealing and this tank looks like a great deal of fun. That is if this is what they had in mind for the T-10 of course, I still think it fits the IS line better.

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    1. would you then prefer a heavy tank with crazy armor dropping TD-level bombs on people?
      I’d rather that kind of balancing to not become commonplace


      1. I mean there is the E-100 in the game and it’s not OP at all, it hurts but the armor is negated by gold, the gun is negated by accuracy, the alpha is balanced by the long reload.
        This tank might have better armor than the E100 but all they have to do to make it balanced while keeping “common” gun stats is giving it maybe worse reload, or worse accuracy, kinda like O-I and KV-2 are not identical despite both being tier 6 heavy tanks with 152mm guns.

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  2. I will send a swastika to WG as christmas present, maybe then they know how much they fuck over players. I mean 180mm sloped side armor plus tracks, it will have like 250-260mm effecitve side armor, it cant even be penned by tier 10 tenks with regular ammo….omfg.


  3. Another rear-turreted stronk russian tonk.
    I wonder what might be going in in WGHQ, making all these new totally-not-OP tonks left and right.


  4. R.I.P. E-100. This is ridiculous, it can side scrape and have a better reload with only 100 less alpha. They need to find a better way to balance this, maybe lower the pen on the gun to 250 so it matches the IS-7, and increase the reload and damage, maybe give it a bit worse reload than the E-100 to compensate for its superior armor.


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