ISU-122S – 19.04 € – Advent Calendar Day 13


Power incarnate, this Soviet tank destroyer is a force to be reckoned with, especially if approached from the front. Add its lethal 122mm gun to your arsenal and blow your enemies into oblivion!

The vehicle comes together with a garage slot and a crew with the perk ‘Brothers in Arms’.



6 thoughts on “ISU-122S – 19.04 € – Advent Calendar Day 13

  1. Advent Calendar? – what advent calendar

    nothing there now on the WOT homepage website about any ‘Advent Calendar’
    usual WG incompetence (WG probably forgot its Xmas

    Its gone, nothing there, nada, vanished


    1. Clearly you haven’t played it. 122S is great buy at that price, and as good as the 122-44. Better in the right hands – which apparently aren’t yours.


      1. the dpm is the only good that this thing has, 122S’ armor is garbage compared to 122-44 tier 5s can pen you with normal ammo, the mobility is way worse on the 122S, both tanks have garbage gun stats,
        yes the bundle is good, but the tank overall is trash


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