Supertest – IS-M

Three new USSR heavy tanks with turrets placed in the back will soon hit the ST server.

Preliminary stats for the IS-M

Tier: HT-8, USSR, regular
HP: 1500
Max. speed forwards/backwards: 35 / -12 km/h
Hull traverse speed: 26 °/s
Turret traverse speed: 32 °/s
View range: 350 m

Hull armor: 120 / 120 / 80
Turret armor: 250 / 140 / 120

Damage: 390 / 390 / 530
Penetration: 212 / 240 / 68
Reload speed: 12.6 s
Accuracy: 0.42
Aim time: 3.0 s


41 thoughts on “Supertest – IS-M

    1. it will be part of a new heavy line and furthermore the IS-M is one of the tanks that have been “hyped” almost since the launch of WoT, when they announced the first rework of the soviet heavies it was one of the most requested, the only surprise is taking this long to be added because it could have been added way in the past as a premium


  1. ahahahahahahaah wow. what the heck is this thing. Why would you even consider something like that when you can’t pen a defender in it.


    1. These tanks were never built. Only existed in papers. IS-M was considered but they switched their attention on the development of Object 252 and Object 253. Besides IS-M, we’re also getting Objects 705 and 705A, both of which were projects by N.F. Shashmurin, but never built. Object 705 was similar in design to IS-7, as the tank shared similar characteristics though the arrangement was different. Whereas 705 was a 50 ton design that was to be fitted with a 122mm BL-13 main armament, the Object 705A was a 100 ton super heavy tank that was designed to house a 152mm M51 main gun. Thanks to the tight deadlines and pressure set by Russian government the development team went to develop different projects.


  2. So with the Pz VII being the least played researchable Tier 10 heavy, with 9.2 times fewer games than the most popular Tier 10 heavy, WG decide to make another “rear turreted, high alpha” line??


      1. Other sources have posted this description of the mini-branch:
        “Armour is the key feature of these three new vehicles: steel monsters with mean guns, with sufficient penetration and one-time damage above the average.”
        I have no idea why the IS-M has 390 alpha if it’s supposed to be part of a high alpha line. My best guess is WG are trying to avoid making a Chrysler/Defender crossbreed.


    1. Really wait for that. You wont be fucking pen this monster, and he will have E100 alpha, with IS 4 pen, and IS 7 armor. Balance Comrades.


  3. can’t wait till we get “Landkreuzer P. 1000 Ratte” in Game there also funny drawing of that tank so let’s call it a prototype.


  4. So are the Russian servers must gleaming with giddily joy at the sheer thought of yet another new RASHA!!!! heavy tank…or are they really?

    That besides…what I’m wondering more is: who’s TF’s brain storm session sprouted this thing?

    Clearly Wargaming hasn’t learn jack shit over the last 2 years…especially after they stated the game did no longer need more Soviet premium heavy tanks introduced.


  5. Until they fix the Tier 8 issues (usually bottom Tier), I’m not particularly interested in any new Tier 8 tanks. 7, 9, and 10 are the current sweet spots.


  6. If i remember correctly they wanted to make rear-mounted turret autoloader russian heavy branch. Just what i wanted to play since 2011 !


  7. wargaming is getting out of hand with turret armor these days. ive been complaining about it since the primo victoria but their just getting more and more insane. the emil 1 i thought was iffy but theyve just kept going. wg its time to stop.


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