Object 263 Swap Cancelled

According to Milos Jerabek (development director) and his yesterday stream, changes in the Object 263 line are cancelled for now. Or at least removing/downtiering 263 itself is out of question, since Object 268 v4 appeared to be an unsuitable replacement.


29 thoughts on “Object 263 Swap Cancelled

  1. i wouldnt mind the line being reworked a little so armor was a little bit more relevant on the lower tiers but the 268 v4 was an awful choice for tier 10 and just completely ruined one of the unique things about the line. as in moderate damage but rapid rof.


  2. Thats really nice to hear. Hopefully they will still buff/rebalance tier 8 and 9 because they are not competetive. Also i wouldnt mind traverse speed buff on tier 10…


  3. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees woooooooooooooo 😀
    At the same time I’m amazed how much struggle and whining it took before WG actually opened their ears :O


  4. Ok then give us the T48, M48A1, M47 Patton to US medium branch and separate the M26 – M46 – M47 and T48 – M48A1 – M48A5. Nobody switch and nobody modified. I don’t want to stay my 4 skilled radio operator on tier IX.


  5. Praise the Lord! This insanity was averted! Now we just need to get them to leave the obj 416 alone. As of the 263 line, it’ll only take a few simple buffs to make tiers 7-9 appealing and fun to play. Gun depression alone would make a massive impact here.


  6. at least buff Su12254 frontal armor, there is tier 8 TD based on type59 chassis (WZ-120-1G FT) have almost twice armor effective while have more gun depression than tier 9 TD based on T-54 chassis


  7. well, it looks like there are still some guys over in Belarus with a brain cell.

    or mabe the jainitor finally took over and made some serious decisions.

    all in all: very good news!


    1. same dev that accused my clanmate of cheating , because he penned him 5 times in a row. When my mate offered him a replay , he went silent.


            1. it did happen , but im not gonna post pics with personal info because some irrelevant guy said “pics or it didnt happen” , lel who the fck are you


              1. So you won’t even crop the pic to only show the chat? Wont blur out your mates in-game name?

                Why should we believe some irrelevent guy who claims that this happened but refuses to provide evidence?


              2. And it doesn’t matter who I am. You’re making a claim against someone, refuse to provide backing evidence. On top of all that, you’re just as irrelevant as I am, who are you to make these baseless claims without proof?

                Classic internet, all show but no go


  8. Excellent. Now if they could use their brains and just change up the tier 7, 8 and 9 then the actual issue with the line will be solved. How they ever thought that the Obj 263 itself was unpopular is anyones guess


    1. Not many people were grinding the line. And since that means less $$$ for WG, of course, they took notice.
      So, as they have been recently doing, they decided to swap the tier 10 out for something else (since tier 10 takes longest to grind, ergo, is most likely to get people to spend $$$).
      But since everyone bitched hard about it, they backed off (just like for Rubicon and a few other examples).

      What dissapoints me the most is that there wasnt anywhere NEAR enough bitching when they were introducing the Defender. That fucking travesty destroyed tier 8 competitive play, and most players just stood there and watched as they were implementing it…


      1. P.S. People weren`t grinding the line not because the 263 is lacklustre. On the contrary, it is one of the best, if not the best tier 10 TD.
        They simply weren`t grinding it because all of the previous tanks in the line were absolute stinkers.


      2. The difference is that heaps of people already have the Obj 263 and like it. Nerfing it to shit will always be met with negitivity.

        A premium tank couldnt be tested before release unless you were a community contributer and they did raise concerns that were ignored because they were in such small numbers. Had they released it with the initial armor profile they had tested the tank would have been fine but the fucked up for who knows why


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