World of Tanks Blitz – proposed new crew skills for light tanks

The creators of WoT want to spice up the system of perks and skills for light tank crews in WoT Blitz. Therefore, a questionnaire appeared on the internet, in which players can decide what new skill to add into the game. There are five options to choose from (the translation comes from Russian so it may not be perfect):

“Friendly Defender” – on each level, the skill accelerates gaining a hostile or neutral base by 1%. If the other ally controls the base with the player, the speed of the player’s cap increases in proportion to the speed of occupying the entire base.
“Silent arrows” – the ability is activated after 3 shots in a row of enemy tanks. When the skill is active, the player’s next hit has a 5% chance of dealing maximum damage. At each level, the chance increases by 5% (50% at level 10). After a successful shot with a bonus, the series is reset and starts again.
“Second chance” – with each level, the ability speeds up the next shot by 1% if the player did not deal damage to the opponent in the previous hit. In the case of the magazine – if the last cartridge in the magazine did not inflict damage to the opponent, the ability speeds up the loading of the next drum.
“Improved morale” – after each successfully completed action (spotting of the enemy, injuring an enemy tank or destroying its module, gaining the base capture / defense, blocking the projectile), the crew’s skill is increased by 50% for 2 seconds. Each subsequent skill level increases the duration of the effect.
“Good memory” – the player spots the enemy who dealt him damage, by 1% longer on each level.