War Thunder – M4A4 (SA50)

The M4A4 (SA50), also known as the M-50 Super Sherman, is a modified Israeli version of the well-known and widely used American Sherman tank. This unique Sherman modification comes to War Thunder as part of the French ground forces research tree coming with War Thunder update 1.75!

In the early 1950s, Israel considered purchasing the new French AMX-13 light tank. Although Israel admired the performance of the AMX-13’s SA-50 75mm cannon, it was deemed too lightly armored and they abandoned the purchase. Instead, Israel purchased the 75mm SA-50 cannon only, which would be fitted onto the reliable, battle-tested stock Sherman chassis—which was already fielded and favored by the Israeli military in 1954.

The result of this combination was the M-50 Super Sherman, which Israel continued developing and improving well into the second half of the 20th century. By 1964, several hundred Sherman tanks armed with the 75mm SA-50 cannon were manufactured and used until the early 1980s, after which they were phased out of active duty.

In War Thunder, the M4A4 Sherman, equipped with the 75mm SA-50 cannon, will offer a different experience from the well-known Sherman formula that many players are familiar with. Israeli engineers made only minor changes to the initial design of the Sherman, and the hull, suspension, tracks, engine and transmission remained the same.The most significant change was made to the primary armament and turret, which the Israeli engineers modified by adding a new gun mantlet and counter weight on the back of the turret to house radio equipment and balance the long-barreled 75mm cannon.

Overall the M4A4 (SA50) is very similar to the British Sherman Firefly, both visually and performance-wise. But anyone can use the M4A4 (SA50) to enjoy raining death and destruction upon the enemy. The SA-50 cannon features excellent ballistic properties, and even less experienced tankers can quickly become accurate and deadly with it.


4 thoughts on “War Thunder – M4A4 (SA50)

  1. correct me if I am wrong but that is VVSS which means this represents roughly 1/6~1/5 (due to uncertainty if the 300 made include the 120 M-50 SPGs) of the M-50 produced, being that the rest represents what is known as the standard M-50 with HVSS and Cummins diesel engine, and standard Israeli “Super Shermans” overall
    furthermore they gave it the HVSS suspension and wider tracks because the VVSS was not able to cope with the extra weight, this means the M4A4 SA50 will “hurt” in terms of mobility, so why not add the standard M-50 instead? even if they plan to add both the early and late production models, how will they differentiate them in game? early and late? there’s no such thing IRL (while Tanks-Encyclopedia calls them Mk.I and Mk.II)
    on the other hand they could have added the standard M-50 from the start and instead of adding the “early” production M-50 they could add the french prototype since there’s a slight difference between them, while it’s not clear in the photos if they use different turrets it at least seems that the M-50 has an extension welded in the front of the turret while the “prototype” has the gun and mantlet positioned a little bit further back
    either way I think it would make more sense to add the proto and the standard than a subpar (mobility wise) early production M-50


    1. keep in mind that they also name it M4A4 (SA50) maybe they keep regular M-50 for international tree.

      still they are not best in term of putting right versions of tanks (US still waiting for regular M4A3 75 instead of primary export M4A2 75 with saw only limited use by US)


      1. Or the US M82 shell for the 90mm using attributes from two variants of the same shell denomination:

        It has the penetration of the worst penetration M82 and the explosive filler of the M82 shell with the least explosive filler.
        All explained in the neat little “totally not Russian bias bro” excuse of : “it’s not needed for the game”

        Meanwhile, IS-2 model 1944 using the pre-production run 120mm cast glacis without any cast armor modifier, unlike other tanks with cast armor that thick.
        Gaijin’d ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


        1. not talking about IS-6 with had secretly increased gun mantlet armor…
          150mm part of gun mantlet had real value of 200mm
          while 50mm part behind it 100mm.

          at last they fixed it imminently when it went out…


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