LIBERTÉ & AMX M4 MLE. 49 – 42.29 € – Advent Calendar Day 5


This unique tank deserves special attention, not only because unlike the majority of French heavies it boasts quite sturdy frontal armour, but also because it has been painted in the French colours to fully embrace the national motto of “liberty, equality, fraternity.” or NOT 🙂



16 thoughts on “LIBERTÉ & AMX M4 MLE. 49 – 42.29 € – Advent Calendar Day 5

    1. i have it and it has been nerfed to oblivion dont buy it before it had 1 strength only 1 the frontal armor now even is3 can pen it with AP not speaking about tier 9 and 10’s its almost useless even for strongholds becuase its not that close type brawler


      1. How was it nerfed? None of the statistics were altered since it was released. Unless you mean MM change was an indirect nerf.

        If not, stop spreading BS, thx 🙂


      1. My only purchases would be Defender, M41 90 gf OR Aufklärungspanther and the E25. But from the leaks, I won’t be having any luck with the M41 and the Defender, so it’s probably going to be the Aufkl and the E25.


        1. AfkPanther is still not finished. As said above, they just started testing an alternative for the gun, so dont expect it before at least another patch.


  1. While I could use a French premium heavy having just bought the T92 Light (I think it’s a winner) and the Strv S1 it’ll be some time before I’m in the market for a new premium tank.


    1. youd better buy the lorraine train your crew then transfer it to heavy cheaper than liberte and can convert crew with remaining gold and not to mention liberte was ninja nerfed and gets penned almost %50 of shots


  2. Wow a Advent calendar treat that comes along only in December the run up to Christmas this could be exiting a 1 off special of a rare tank that hardly ever is sold anymore hopefully not the E25 now common as muck

    No ……..

    Its yet another Tier 8 Premium tank that’s been On and Off sale in the Premium shop all 2017
    same again as last years boring as FUCK Advent calendar

    (sad very disappointed face

    are as boring and predictable as FUCK – again!


  3. Imo its Nice because with the new French heavy line the plebs that will grind it. they can buy a heavy with a crew that fits into them


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