9.21 Supertest Vehicles Models (Caern AX, Aufkl.Pz. V, & ELC EVEN 90)

Pictures from FastestClassic. Check out his mod site here.

Neat little detail: this looks to be a piece taken from a can of motor oil, now being used to patch up the shell hole in one of the burster plates. Pretty cool IMO.

More cool details, especially the stowed-away light (to differentiate it from the Centurion AX, I suppose).

Looks like there’s no shortage of ammo for the roof MG!

Finally, the Aufkl.Pz. in HD. Dunno why it’s got a fence across the front, though.

More details!

Despite how tiny this thing is, they still managed to squeeze a surprising amount of detail into the model. Hats off to WG for that – despite all the things they may do wrong, they certainly know how to make good-looking visuals (both the tanks themselves and the new HD maps), if not to find the people who can.


23 thoughts on “9.21 Supertest Vehicles Models (Caern AX, Aufkl.Pz. V, & ELC EVEN 90)

    1. Giving it the L7 would place it in a really wierd position compared to the techtree-tanks. Leaving the 20 pounder on it, is fine, since they buffed the DPM.


  1. Also in this video talking about other tank replacing. Some of them is know, but some not. For example Grille replacement, GWE100 will be replaced, about M60 changes:


    1. Are there any official sources on these two videos you’ve linked?

      To me the videos look like these are things what the creators want ingame just like last year when Murazor was talking about the same topic and someone took it as future plans.


      1. if you understand russian, on the second video guy told, he will make soon another video about coming changes with more info. It’s a not dream of some developers, but there is talks from inside company as he sad.


  2. Be nice if they brought the Germans into the same era as the rest of these countries ffs , the MBT 70 and initial Leo 2 PT are all within this era, not to mention the wealth of lights and TD’s in the 50-60-70’s to work with.


  3. My suspicion is that the fencing on the new Awful Panther is meant as a HEAT shield, or maybe it’s a field equivalent to Zimmerit; it would be interesting to know if it actually works in the game.


    1. It doesn’t act as spaced armour ingame. It’s only a visual thing on the tank.

      In my opinion the gaps are too big between the rows to be an effective anti HEAT protection IRL.


  4. I have over 3000 games in ELC then you bastards nerfed it to poopoo. Now ELC looks like something Lil Pump aka Daddy Dickums would drive while slapping asses. So therefore as compensation you guys have to give me elc even 90 with 50 perk crew and 0 delay sixth sense with arty mode.

    I expect it in my garage before I lose interest in this game. Oh wait that already happened


  5. well, all the hightier HEAT-spammes will surely love that spaced armor on Caern AX *giggles evilly*. in general that one looks pretty cool! if they keep the 20pdr, its going to be very hard with the usual 3-5-7-lowtier-shit you face in tier 8 tanks right now all day.

    the AufklPanther is just pure awesome, that on looks totally cool and the gun seems very good. I wish they change the 07/25 for the rest of the german tanks as well to something like this (alpha back to 165, lower reload to compensate). would be nice for VK 36.01 H.

    and that AMX looks just weird and ugly! the stats seem okay to OP (dat camo!!), but they would need to force me to drive around in SUCH a ugly tank!


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