More FV217 Swap Details

In addition to the previously known information, there are more surprises:

1. The ammunition was changed from 12 to 20 shells.
2. And most importantly, WG will train the Fv215b (183) crew members to the new tank too. Since the FV217 has one more crew member, an extra radio operator will be added, trained to 100 percent.


25 thoughts on “More FV217 Swap Details

  1. it´s always the small thing, which wg fucks up and ruin the satisfaction of customers. adding a additional crewmember with the first skill at 100% is just a click, but now.. don´t be to generous – that´s the new first rule in their company.

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  2. On CT the radio operator was at 100% on base. But 0% on the first skill. And the crew was retrained for the Badger, but had all the skills reset for free. As the commander has radio skills etc. So it’s not the worst idea to train a new radio operator if you want BIA still. Unless you don’t mind taking it from a different tank.


    1. From 100%, but yes. Which is of course done faster with a premium account and personal reserves, which you can both buy right now! And hey, if you bought plenty of Berlin Cromwell bundles in the past, you’d be drowning in British BiA crews right now to retrain to whatever you need.

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    2. IF you don’t intended to keep any from AT8 to Tortoise, but somehow still having them in your garage, you can retrain them into crews for FV217. Since FV215b now taking any UK TD crews without penalty, this should effectively give you two T10s with crew with only the fee for one. However, it still sucks a lot if you want to keep the lower tiers. WG do deserve some birds for this one.


  3. I was sort of planning on using my current AT 15 crew, which is my best British TD crew anyway, but the question was whether to make the transfer before the new tank was in the garage. If they are going to reset the skills on the crew in the Death Star at the time of transition that is still a net gain.

    And yes, I unlocked the beast over the weekend…2x for all wins worked out much better for me than a garage slot. Particularly since I won’t be playing at all over the next weekend!


  4. I retrain it back for 5 € to STAGE II and use crew from Sherman III or another to Badger. Inscription, well fuck that shit, another 5€ without sale. Screwing up all…


  5. Oh no Wargaming was not going to offer to retrain your existing Tortise leftover crew member you had in your barracks already !!! (With all the skills Bia, etc trained on it). See, cause now you have to spend 200 Gold to get that skilled crewman back into that crew !!!

    Another way to make a profit $ for Wargaming!! See at Wargaming nothing is free, there’s always a catch.

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  6. I feel the biggest loser, the radioman from Tortoise become the extra loader for FV4005, with 500g… Overall I would prefer to offer a radioman with experience equal to the average of the rest crew, but I bet this would be hard to program.


  7. Why is everyone freaking out. So there’s one more crewmember, if that’s the configuration the actual design had then that’s that. “Breaking brothers in arms”? Do you have any goddamn idea just how quickly that one radioman will be trained with accelerated training since he’ll be the least trained dude and thus will recieve double XP from every match till he catches up?

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    1. Why?
      Are you fckn serious right now dude?
      Ok,heres your (simple) answer:cuz i have fucking invested MY TIME to train my crew (ALL of them) to have BiA in my tier 10 TD,and since my crew were at their 3d skill at that time,you can bet your ass that it took a LOT of time to give them a skill which will NOT work after the update.


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