26 thoughts on “WOT – the rest of 2017.

    1. Who says they\’re having a reward tank? Not many people made a large enough outcry at not having the birthday tank that WG\’s probably not going to be giving out reward tanks anymore.

  1. I will start playing WoT again, when they realese the HD maps and last of the HD models. And I will delete it if they don\’t give us a Christmas gift tank. What was so wrong with the T28?

    1. the HD maps wont be released anytime soon. And they always give us a christmas tank as a gift,

      1. They always gave us a WoT birthday tank gift too. This year they didnt. Chances are they wont give a free xmas tank either. And tbh who cares, it\’s just a free garage slot in the end.

        1. In one of the Q&As when people have asked about why we haven\’t got anything for the birthday they said the\’ve stopped giving away lowtier gift tanks because most of the players refer to it as a free garage slot and just sell it and they have to rebalance the low tiers.

    2. And made new Soviet tech trees, do not touch the old ones. Create mini branches, don\’t rework the old ones. Implement the German Sturmpanzers (Sturmtiger, Strurmpanzer IV and etc) to oppose the Chinese TD. WG do something different, then milking the playerbase, because I had enough. Change the MM and RNG (from 30 battles with Jagdpanther, I was at the bottom for 20 games and in the middle at the rest). I\’m not tollerant (tolerare- to accept pain) and I\’m having enough. I play for fun, which means fairplay and equality in the opposing teams, not to see losing every battle, because I cannot penetrate top tiers without using gold and to be send to the garage after receiving 3-4 shots.
      I\’m not good player, yes I know it, but there are others like me who are having enough of WG bullshits.

  2. We need reward tanks for the CW campaign, why else would we put so much effort into it? One month of playing WoT 5-6 hours a day? And what do we get, gold? Camo? I don\’t need gold and I don\’t need camo, I need something special. Give me a tank or go to hell.

  3. In theory 9.21 should be the last patch to convert tanks to HD, and we should see a bunch of tech tree changes, mainly soviet MT, HT (T-10), the FB183 swap, and (hopefuly not) the object 263 rework.

    If they do this, we can hope for HD maps in the first patch of 2018.
    Would be a good time for a 10.0 too, they can\’t possibly stay in 9.X with new features like improved physics and now HD maps while wanting to name 10.0 a patch where the only new feature was pay2win fucking emblems/decorations…

  4. Very poor info about coming news, specialy about next month. In the past, we got info about big winter campaign at 3 weeks before it, now…. still nothing. And nothing about November weekend specials as on previous month.

  5. so this year black friday is on 24th of november, so campaign starts before if I understood correct?

    1. We have a (micro) patch per week already. And considering the amount of bugs in 9.20.1, november will be full of patches, don\’t worry.

        1. Bug fixes? Their micropatches are breaking more than their fixing.

          The defunct platoon invite bug has been in the game for about a year at this point. I\’m always wary about accepting invites because if it\’s bad i have to log out and log in again before i can go into a battle. This seems like a high priority bug to me.

  6. update 9.21 in December

    oh dear!
    not really looking forward to a month of bugs and errors right through December with \’micro-patch\’ fixes that do shit

    oh well …..

  7. 9.21 is before WG FEST so HD maps won\’t come this year, because in a Q&A they said at WGFest they will be showing us some winter maps in HD with some cool new mechanics regarding the interaction between the tracks and the tank

    I just hope both HD maps and Polish tech tree will come in early 2018 (January – mid March

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