Object 430U Pictures


16 thoughts on “Object 430U Pictures

  1. Not sure but I think the frontal armor will be stronger on the obj maybe even usefull against premium
    which is very common used in tier ten battles
    so would be an important point to have for me

    Even the turret armor seems to be better because the copulas look stronger compared to the 113
    Imho it also has better mobility (turning rate higher reverse speed far better better ground resistance)

    And the gun ?

    Think I ve seen the dispersion on the move on the tier 9 obj
    The gun on the obj seems to have better dispersion rates on the move and tank traverse and is far better in aiming time while the 113 gun is a little bit better in dpm and accuracy and turning the turret dispersion

    Similar guns I would say

    the obj wins in mobility and armor I think the better gun depression over the side is an interesting feature for the 113 but if that makes these tank even not sure about that


  2. All around I think if the object U comes out as it was shown it will have by far the strongest armor of all medium tanks rivals even the most heavy tanks


    1. you re right the T 22 side armor looks very strong
      but probably not immune against heat not everything is covered with spaced armor and though it lacks frontal armor I would prefer the U armor probably far easier to use it in battle imho
      if you can hide the lower part of the side hull and the very thin lower front part you are almost immune to all available and with a mobil medium tank with high dpm (compared to superheavies thats impressive

      But ok lets wait for the appearance on tanks gg maybe the 160 frontal isnt as sloped as I expect and the armor on the turret is stronger as it looked on the picture


  3. i seriously hope we can keep our 430 as it is and it gets the “special” tX property as every other changed t10
    because three marking is was a pain and i dot want this work on some tank that looks like a 113 and a tvp50/51 mashed together


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