Tiger 131 Available on EU/NA

EU: Tank, BIA crew and slot, 15 €. 1 day left.

Premium shop link: https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/wot/main/7146/

NA: Tank, BIA crew and slot, 20 $. A week left.

Premium shop link: https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wot/main/4207/


6 thoughts on “Tiger 131 Available on EU/NA

    1. I don’t think so. for a tier 6 HT it’s OK – but not OP.

      I own the Jiger, which is basically the same. facing tier 8 HTs like Defender or VK 100.00 P is bad, but otherwise it’s very okay. armor can be okay, depending on the enemy and your possibilty to anlge or sidescrape. mobility is kinda mediocre to bad, but it’s a HT after all.

      gun is ok, too. acc is nice, softstats are mediocre as is the pen. alpha is ok for a tier 6.

      all in all: not bad, not OP – IMHO it is very well balanced. and as Tiger 131 it gives you a 0%-BiA-crew for german tanks, which is priceless.


      1. Tiger 131 is worth the crew you get. And that’s it.
        The tank itself sucks. It lacks what makes Tiger I playable even if difficult to do so on T7:
        You don’t have DPM
        You don’t have HP to trade

        meaning that you hardly bounce anything unless from donkeys that don’t know where to shoot 😉 and HP means that you are finished quickly. The gun is not that accurate and you can’t use VS so it is weak, add to that okish pen and the DPM is bad especially when you don’t have HP to trade.

        I bought it, got BIA crew to first skill (not counting 0) and never played it again.


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