AMX M4 mle. 51 Pictures

Tier 9 French heavy. Rumors say the line will arrive with 9.21, around Christmas. I myself do not believe them until we receive an official announcement.

Link to Stats


11 thoughts on “AMX M4 mle. 51 Pictures

  1. So the 2 guns it has if either a good solid 120mm or a very shitty 127mm that is worse in every way other then 70 more alpha -_-.


  2. The new tier 9 and 10 look good. I’m just trying to think how long it will take before they change out the tier 8

    The AMX 65t looks nothing like the AMX M4 45, AMX M4 51 or the AMX M4 54. And with a pike nose it will play nothing like them either.

    If only there was something that looked and would play similar to them… oh wait, the premium AMX M4 49.

    WG clearly didnt think this through very far

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    1. I know for sure that a couple years ago TAP posted something about a tier 8 french heavy for that line. It was very heavily armored and had a 120mm gun. I just wish I could find it. Sadly I can’t.


  3. When is the next patch period due? I mean just the next patch on schedule? Isn’t I supposed to be sometime this month? Can someone comment on that? When is the test server supposed to start etc?


    1. That’s what we have been led to believe so expect it to come off somewhere completely different, like the arty line or something.


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