WoWS Info – 1st September 2017

Source: WG

ST, Smokes, IFHE and Radar update.

Radar changes have been reverted. IFHE fire chance penalty for 139mm+ guns have been reverted to -3%. The penalty for smaller caliber remains decreased (-1%). Detectability changes remain. These settings combined will be tested in update 0.6.11 ST.


“Back-2-School” Temporary Camo (30 Doubloons)

  • -3% to detectability range
  • +4% to maximum dispersion of shells fired by the enemy attacking your ship
  • +100% to Commander XP earned in the battle

imageproxy (1).jpg

“Sci-Fi Space” Temp Camo (60 Doubloons)

  • -3% to detectability range
  • +4% to maximum dispersion of shells fired by the enemy attacking your ship
  • +100% to XP earned in the battle
  • +100% to Commander XP earned in the battle


ST, Pan-Asian cruiser Huang He, tier VI.

Hit points – 24 100, plating – 16 mm, belt – 70 mm. Main battery – 3х2 152 mm. Firing range – 13,2 km. HE damage – 2200, AP damage – 3300. Reload time 7,5 s, 180 degree turn time – 30 s, maximum dispersion – 124 m. Sigma – 2.0. HE and AP initial velocity – 950 m/s. Torpedo Tubes – 2х3 533 mm, torpedo range – 8 km, torpedo speed – 60 kt, maximum damage – 14 400. Maximum speed – 33 kt. Turning circle radius – 570 m, rudder shift time – 6,7 s. Surface detectability – 9,3 km, air detectability – 6 km.
All stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers.

ST, Clans.

Clan Naval Base testing continues within update 0.6.11 ST. For one of the future updates, Clan versus Clan rules test has been started: 7v7, tier X, several class restriction and map objectives options.

ST, Deep water torpedoes alternative mechanics.

The alternative DW torpedoes mechanics is being tested along with previously announced draught-based version. In this case, the ability to hit a target is determined by target class instead of draught/depth comparison. Thus, Pan-Asian DD DW torpedoes hit battleships, carriers and cruisers only. Another possible implementation are additional IJN Long Lance torpedoes that hit only “big” targets – battleships and carriers.

This solution is considered, because draught-based mechanics leads to noticeable number of exception within the same ship class. For example, at low tiers PA DW torpedoes would not hit Omaha and Kuma, while hitting the rest of cruisers. And on the other hand, possible “anti-capital” torpedoes would inevitably hit Henri IV and Moskva on tier X, along with battleships and carriers.

Whatever the mechanics will be, the advantages of DW for now are low concealment and high flooding chance. The ability to hit a specific target is to be reflected in combat UI and in Port specs.

ST, Graf Zeppelin rework

After starting the initiative to rework Graf Zeppelin with your help, we’ve been watching your comments on forums and social media, discussing current issues internally and planning the directions for upcoming testing. First, we would like to sincerely thank you all for supporting our efforts and providing various ideas. We found a popular concept that is thoroughly described in a video and a Reddit post by one of the skilled CV commanders Farazelleth. To sum up, he suggests two flight control modules (2×5-3×3-1×8 and 3×5-2×3-1×8), with plane stats and drop patterns redone, but overall, it is a highly detailed concept, so we recommend you see the full version for the complete information.

While we like this concept and believe it can work, we would like to try other ideas first. Now, we do realise that many of you just want a KM carrier with more or less traditional gameplay, and are opposed to introducing so-called “gimmicks”, but there are very strong reasons to try something different first, and then, in case it doesn’t work, get to the concept that already works with other carriers.

Graf Zeppelin is going to be the only KM carrier, without a full researchable line to back her up. Thus, she will need a separate captain (and she won’t serve as a captain trainer much). There is Kaga for the IJN line, there are Enterprise and Saipan for the USN line, with Graf being a premium carrier most players will want for gameplay and collection only. And with this positioning, she probably won’t be a good choice as your first premium ship. Tweaking her to be too conventional will only contribute to this problem and while we can live with her being just a premium ship, we believe she’s significant enough to try harder.

Of course, uniqueness must come with enjoyable experience. This is why we are adopting the more traditional concept suggestion as a plan B. Graf Zeppelin will be tested in a couple of experimental forms first. All test participants will be able to try them and tell us whether it’s fun, whether it works and whether we should go on with it.

Right now, we don’t know where Graf Zeppelin will settle, but we look forward to exploring various options with you. No doubts, with thorough testing and your help, the best solution will be found. Test invites will be sent early next week – watch the news, you won’t miss it.