WoT – Strv 81 ‘Primo Victoria’ Gallery

The crew of course comes with a 0-skill BiA, with a metal as f*ck icon.


37 thoughts on “WoT – Strv 81 ‘Primo Victoria’ Gallery

  1. Lol this looks nice but i can just put some nice camo on my fv4202p ??? No thx bros.wont buy another tier8 premium again until you fix the new and improved broken tier 8 mm with 95% tier x

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    1. Yeah BS.
      Either you’re: Hacking, Fucked, platooning badly or over exaggerating.

      Which can it be??
      I play so 20-ishTier 8 premiums and Stock games a night and may even out to a 60-65% rate of being Top Tier in the new MM. the formula is the same for all, the longer you play the more it gets spread out.

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      1. Funny how pretty much everyone…except you…agrees the new MM has fucked over tier 8’s completely.
        Last time I took note of my tier 8 battles, out of 65 battles in a row, 55 were tier 10, 5 were tier 9, and 5 were top tier (and 3 of those top tier battles were full tier 8).
        Sorry, but you are full of shit.


  2. I would replace the shovels with guitars and add drums or sth. Would be kinda nice, as Sabaton does not need any freaking shovels.


      1. There will likely be a mini-branche for mediums. But if WG were smart and wants to stimulate the sale of this tank, they would communicate that with the playerbase.

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  3. Nice camo. First tank with enforced camo that I could actually buy… but I won’t since it is useless crew trainer – can’t train Kranvagn crew, can’t train Strv 103 crew.

    Now I am looking for British Vickers MBT premium “The Prodigy” and German WT E-100 “Rammstein” :D

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    1. I want a Harry Styles Churchill Gun Carrier. Or a Justin Bieber M3 Lee.

      Would make sense, because those tanks are just as bad as today’s mainstream music.

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  4. More trash logo tanks, please! Because we’re all playing a musical game and we need the playerbase to further decline! When will we get our “Baby, baby” Justin Bieber tank? Or our fast food collaboration tanks? I want to see some yellow and red cheeseburger freedumb logo tanks.

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    1. I like it!
      McDonald’s Tog!
      Arsenal Gunner’s CGC arty!
      Schwarzpanzer 58 EasyJet edition!
      Panther Ausf.G BMW style!

      options are limitless :)


  5. It’s way to expensive: €35 for the cheapest package (only tank + crew). Not gonna buy that. Standard Strv 81 without camo isn’t available.


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