WoT 9.20 Patch Notes

New Random Battle scenario – Grand Battle


  • 60 players in a battle, 30 per team
  • Only for Tier X vehicles
  • Battle duration: 15 minutes
  • Win conditions: cap the base or kill everyone


  • A ‘Grand Battle’ is made through the use of a Random Battle
  • Only X tiers can participate
  • You can toggle it like Assault and Encounter modes
  • Each team is divided into 3 subdivision, 10 players each
  • You can’t pick your subdivision, the matchmaker decides
  • The team rosters are picked using the Matchmaker 2.0 algorithms
  • Subdivision lineups will me possibly identical to those in the enemy team
  • 4 arty per team
  • 2 platoon amount difference max
  • If one player from the platoon has this mode enabled, the whole platoon might get into a Grand Battle


  • Battles will be done on the new map – Nedelburg
  • Map size 1.4 km x 1.4 km
  • Spawns are decided by subdivisions
  • Each subdivision has their own spawn
  • Each team has only one base


  • The battle loading screen, team list, post-battle stats and team panels were adjusted to 60 players
  • A team is divided into 3 subdivisions
  • The lineup of a subdivision can be seen by clicking it
  • A total team health percentage display has been added to the ally vs enemy count

Prizes, achievements, and statistics:

  • In Grand Battles AND X tier ONLY Random Battles you’ll be able to get Bonds.
  • Bonds are XP dependent
  • You can do personal and daily missions in this mode, thus being eligible to their rewards.
  • Marks of Excellence and Mastery Badges can be earned in Grand Battle
  • Grand Battle stats are independent from Random Battle stats
  • Stats from Grand Battle will have their own spot in the dossier, both general and per-vehicle

Hall of Fame:

  • The Hall of Fame made it to the game client
  • You will be able to view not only Random Battle stats, but also information about vehicles, etc.
  • Players will be able to compare their stats for a given time span, also using a new World of Tanks Rating (WTR)
  • The Hall of Fame and the new WTR are in an open beta phase.

SPG changes:

  • Post-battle stats will contain the total stun time
  • Tanks hiding behind a fence or cover thinner than 2 meters will receive a stun timer as if they’re in an open field
  • If the cover is thicker than two meters but the tank isn’t fully covered, the stun time and damage will be dependent on how much of the tank was ‘visible’ to the shell. It will be either:
    • 25% total damage and stun time
    • 50% total damage and stun time
    • 75% total damage and stun time
    • 100% total damage and stun time

Removed the boosts (a.k.a. ‘mountaingoating’ spots) on following maps:

  • Karelia
  • Steppes
  • Lakeville
  • Abbey
  • Mines
  • Sacred Valley
  • Mountain Pass
  • El Halluf
  • Arctic Circle

HD tanks:

  • SU-5
  • SU-14-1
  • Bat.-Châtillon 25 t
  • M12
  • M5A1 Stuart
  • Pz.Kpfw. 38H 735 (f)
  • Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. D
  • VK 30.01 (D)
  • T69
  • Matilda Black Prince
  • Churchill III
  • T-44-85

New vehicles:

CN server exclusive:

  • Waffenträger auf E 100 (P) (oh look, more fake news…)

Chinese tank destroyers (EU, NA, SEA):

  • T-26G FT
  • M3G FT
  • SU-76G FT
  • 60G FT
  • WZ-131G FT
  • T-34-2G FT
  • WZ-111-1G FT
  • WZ-111G FT
  • WZ-113G FT

Supertester tank:

  • T-44 ltwt.

47 thoughts on “WoT 9.20 Patch Notes

  1. This 30 v 30 tier 10’s will at least help the dog shit matchmaking tier 8’s have been getting since the MM update.


  2. -new undertested gamemode that is impossible to balance properly
    -new 100 % fake tanks everyone asked to NOT HAVE
    -return of the waffle
    -keeping the bonds in the game in the insane gamemode where gold spam and autoloaders will prevail and everyone else can fuck off. Considering tier X only and gold-ammo “only” ; the credit loss will be so big we can safely call that a pay2win mode ; thus bonds-purshasable equipments are exactly what the rubikon emblems were.
    -still no HD T-34-3, way after the “3 patched left before all tanks are HD”
    -still no HD maps

    All we need now is another Community Contributor losing his temper so WG screws over their PR and nobody joins WoT anymore, and a gamebrealing bug that makes people stop playing.

    They are trying hard to kill their game while not admitting it.


    1. “new 100 % fake tanks everyone asked to NOT HAVE”

      The feedback from majority of players has been quite the opposite. You should step out of your social bubble and realize they are a minority.

      Liked by 5 people

      1. Yeah just like the TDs. First they are exclusive and WG confirms it ; then it comes on our server after a patch.


    2. I actually feel bad for Auto loaders. they have crap accuracy and RNG fucks over 2 to 3 of the shots anyways and then they dont carry enough ammo to boot.

      But i cant rip or support as i have not played the map using my glorious Rusky hover meds

      Liked by 1 person

    3. I understand your worries, but I don’t think the new gamemode is undertested. It’s practically the same as standard battles, only with a couple more tanks and on a new map. Can’t be much wrong with that, but yeah, I don’t know much about developing a game…


  3. For what it is worth, seeing the feedback WG based their decision on, regarding releasing the Chinese TD’s….

    Worthless feedback nr1:
    it is nice to have the large map as a separate mode under Random battles. Though limiting it to only tier X…I don’t know, I think it will not have a long life in that way.
    It would be a good addition if they have this mode in development for: 1.2×1.2 maps for tiers 7>8 and have the 1.4×1.4 for tier 9>10. Though currently limiting it to be a tier X only thingy…like I said I dunno don’t think it is a good approach.

    Worthless feedback nr2:
    As for the Chinese TDs and a lot of critiques that ‘we’, as in non-Russian played base, don’t want any more fake tanks in the game. Well this clearly shows that WG is only interested in what the Russian markets says and wants. It disrespects the rest of their consumer base.
    So please stop taking WG and their PR nonsense serious, it cannot be taken seriously.


    1. “‘we’, as in non-Russian played base, don’t want any more fake tanks in the game. ”

      Any statisctics to back this up? I’ve seen a poll on a big Polish blog about WoT and after ~900 votes the result was 77% in favour of adding the branch. I expect the rest of the non-Russian communitry to have similar opinion, because frankly why would Germans or Czechs dislike fake tanks more than a Russians?

      Not even taking into account that blog- or forum-reading people are a tiny minority, and most likely the rest cares even less if the tank is fake.


      1. My ‘Worthless feedback nr2’ should not have been read as stated as ‘fact’ and should have been read as a ‘joust’, ‘sarcasm’ or with /s if you read Reddit. I’m too lazy to constantly put /s behind everything I post xD

        Though regarding the feedback from various polls, like you mention, I remember (and again this is not stated as fact just opinion), that the consensus of folks being generally in favor of a Chinese TD line were mostly positive! But…folks being in favor of a “proven fake TD line” was slated more towards the negative.
        The latter swung, depended IMO on who/where it was asked (this is not stated as a fact but as my outside opinion of various polls).

        Even in my clan the consensus was not overwhelmingly positive. Though what I noticed in my clan, the ones who responded more positive were mostly more ‘new-ish’ players (in play style) and us old dogs were far more critical vs yet another fake tech tree branch.

        Oh /s…yes I remembered!


  4. Added tank:

    Waffenträger auf E 100 (P) (Chinese Server Only) (dafaq)

    Added Tank Destroyer Branch (now for all servers):

    T-26G FT
    M3G FT
    SU-76G FT
    60G FT
    WZ-131G FT
    T-34-2G FT
    WZ-111-1G FT
    WZ-111G FT
    WZ-113G FT

    (was only a matter of time)


    T-44-85 (since it has no M in it i guess it’s the tier 7 one (HYPEEEEEEE)


  5. I know its a strange point but isn´t this patch big enough for version 10.0?
    Or is WG just scared of 10.0 because of rubicon 😛

    Also so much for the “fake” WTF E100…


  6. Well that should make TD-15 and SPG-15 for the Obj a tad easier in a 30 vs 30. As I suspect most will do 8K damage more easily then they would in a 15 vs 15.


    1. But they should rebalance ammo tanks can carry, 30 for 260 vs 56 for 50B , thats just too less for 260 when are you facing 30 other tanks


  7. What the fuck are they doing with stun? Getting stunned behind cover? Fuck that shit, nobody asked for it. They should remove the fucking stun effect, the improved accuracy and blastradius are making it already to frustrating…


    1. you have not played the game for a long while, don´t you?

      sit behind a cover and you will still get stunned because you are in the “stun-circle””, no matter how hard the cover is. So they are just fixing something they made bad in the first attempt.


      1. Well, I haven’t played as much as I wanted to, but I’ve played my share of games since 9.18. I can’t recall situations where I got stunned behind cover, so I read this as a sort of buff in the first place.

        But it’s a fix, so Seb may delete my previous comment ^^


  8. constant Medium and Heavy buffs and constant TD, arty and light nerfs.
    Perhaps we should all play meds and heavies from now on.


    1. If there were more open maps with bushes and stuff like that, TD’s and lights would have more power. It’s not purely about buffing meds and heavies, it’s the whole current meta.


  9. They still have a place in this game, but I agree with you that they are a bit left behind. Let’s see how the new HD maps turn out and if there will be some new open maps (Studyianki or something like that). That new Grand Battle mode in bigger maps should be a better environment for TD’s and lights.


  10. Arty needs to be removed entirely, as for the other changes, obj 140 buff? Lmao

    The person in charge of balance needs to be fired because hes obviously too russian.


  11. one thing I am worried about: the patch notes state, that you can earn MoEs in Grand Battles. this means (as 60 vs. 60 means MUCH more available HPs on the battlefield), that everybody NOT playing this gamemode can completely forget about ANY MoE on his tier 10 tanks. if you happen to have a good round you will even be able to empty tanks like a M48 Pattong with his 57 rounds (and 22,2k potential damage). people are even nowadys crying about the low ammo capacity of the BatChat. those 6 clips will be nothing in a Grand Battle.

    but basically: rounds with 10k or more damage might be obtainable much easier, even for non-unicums. just because of the bigger teams. maybe WG should think about that fact once more


    1. Well, if I was WG I would’ve said the following in regards to the Grand Battle mode:
      1) The ammount of shells of every shell type in every tank will be doubled.

      2) There will be new Marks of Excelense that look different than the normal ones and you can choose in the settings to either display the 15v15 MoE or the 30v30 ones.

      3) The battle duration will be increased: either up to 20m or 25m (as 30m may be a bit of an overkill).


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