WoWS 0.6.8 Other Changes #3

British BBs
-All the previous changes are moved to the 6.7.1 client, but Conqueror still has her 457mm guns.
-Lion rudder shift time increased by 66.7% on both hull A/B to 22.15s/15.82s
-Conqueror A turret firing arc increased to +-143 deg
-Conqueror rudder shift time increased to 17.32s

Graf Zeppelin
-Spreading between leftmost and rightmost torpedo changed to 540m/480m (Auto/Manual)

CV general
-Lexington, Essex, Midway, Shoukaku, Taihou, Hakuryu fore and aft armour plating reduced to 19mm

-Fiji’s secondaries firing range reduced from 5km to 4.5km
-Chapayev, Hipper, Prinz Eugen, New Orleans’ secondaries firing range increased from 4.5km to 5km
-Henry IV, Zao, Des Moines, Hindenburg’s secondaries firing range all brought in line at 6km
-Gneisenau, Scharnhorst’s secondaries firing range increased from 5km to 5.3km
-Bismarck , Tirpitz’s secondaries firing range increased from 7km to 7.5km
-Friedrich der Große’s secondaries firing range increased from 7km to 7.6km
-Großer Kurfürst’s secondaries firing range increased from 7km to 7.7km

Torpedo reload booster:
-The variant that shortens torpedo reload time to 30s now shortens the reload to 8s
-The variant that shortens torpedo reload time to 5s received a reduced cooldown time

-Shimakaze’s main battery reload time reduced from 6s to 5.74s


14 thoughts on “WoWS 0.6.8 Other Changes #3

      1. You have a point there. probably going to be 5.5km or something if there is a buff its just missing(although the Roon could be unique with 6km or 6.5km being its secondary based).


      1. No, not really. Even with lowered fire chance and damage any of the nazi BBs interested by this buff puts out so much secondary fire it’s like you’re sailing under a hailstorm. It’s the same with ships like Atlanta and Akizuki – their fire chance is lousy and even lousier with IFHE, but the volume of fire is so high that you’ll get at least SOME fires for sure.


        1. Also, the nerf is only on the 88mm and 105mm guns, so 128mm guns are buffed (reload from 5s to 4s) and 150mm guns are unchanged.


  1. HSF Harekaze now will have a usefull 8 sec reload booster instead of crappy 30sec, for which you had to say goodbye to your smoke :) Huraaaay!


  2. Ok, I am a fan of secondary builds even on some cruisers, but things really start to get out of hand now. DDs do not need further nerfing! FFS

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  3. Hightier secondaries didn’t need range buffs, many low and mid-tier ships need secondary range buffs. Secondaries are so shit on many ships purely because you get like 2-3km ranges. Heck, even 4km range on some tier 5-6 ships is sad and not really workable.

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  4. The whole secondaries situation is going to get completely out of hand now.

    The whole point of having a powerful secondary armament is to make brawling more effective and make it difficult for DDs and cruisers to get really close and torpfuck your face.

    Why should it be possible to have sec range starting from 7.5km going up to 11km? It’s overkill and goes beyond what it’s needed for. I don’t care about real life, this is a game, and in this game we know that German BB secondaries are overpowered, now about to get even better….

    I was saving up for British BBs but now it looks like Bismarck is a must have…

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  5. Eventhough the fire chance and damage on german bbs secondairies has been reduced there was no need to buff the range. I think german bbs would still set ship alight frequently even with reduced fire chance


    1. How has sec damage been reduced? They increased the RoF (and accuracy?) of the 128 guns. You might not set shit on fire that often but your sec will do more damage that’s for sure. Higher RoF=Higher DPM.


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