Supertest: Application Winrate Changed

The minimum percentage of wins (total on the account) for applying for a WoT supertest was changed from 50% to 48%.

And now let’s recall Thaine Lyman’s quote from the last developer conference:

“However, one thing that we have understood in the last few months is the bad process of testing new tanks and we will very much change this process in the future.”


13 thoughts on “Supertest: Application Winrate Changed

    1. Opinions like yours are the reason for Maus. Exactly because you can’t see their performance on supertest in hands of bad players and underestimate them.

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  1. Well, they can’t test if they made their tanks idiot proof, without letting idiots test them. Obviously that was a flaw in their testing process, leading to tanks that are only good in the hands of good players, like Maus, Type 5, 252 etc *sarcasm*


  2. To be honest, I dont think this is a bad thing. Now they have wide variety of testers.

    Defender for example is bit too good in hands of great player, but when you compare it to the skill level, it is effectively even more OP on retards hands. Same applies to Type 5 Heavy, for example, and there is similar scaling with all tier 6+ Jap heavies.

    Now they can test tanks with testers with wide variety of skill levels, and see how a new tank, buffed or nerfed tank performs in each players hands.

    I think this might be actually a good thing. However, there is no doubt that it would be also bad…

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  3. As long as they take into account the disparity of the overall performance and the performance in any particular tank it is actually a good thing to have very bad players participating in the super test. This should help to flag the tanks that are too much idiot friendly. If a 48% win ratio player manage to get above 50% win rate in some tank due to it’s massive armour it will be a clear indication it’s a bad design and should be rebalanced.

    On the other hand if it’s not the way they are going to do their testing and simply ask for players opinions as a guidelines for tank balancing, well, we better enjoy the game while it lasts.


  4. Pathetic as this is, it illustrates the point very well that Wargaming has completely lost the plot in terms of what they are doing with balancing. Sad, but it won’t get any better anymore, just worse.

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    1. You miss the point. They need bad players there to see how well the tank will perform in bad player’s hands. If it does too well they will know it’s too idiotproof and should be readjusted.


  5. Get the worst retards to test your tanks. Great way to see how weak any tank is and overbuff them before realizing it was a terrible mistake to being with.
    They should change 48% to 58%.


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