WoT 9.20 ST – Maus nerf

For all of us who can’t read them bukvas:

Health down by 200

Reload slower by 1.3 second

(from another source) Bottom hull armor nerfed from 250 to 50mm

Enjoy your fair and balanced tank))))


39 thoughts on “WoT 9.20 ST – Maus nerf

    1. Because the insane DPM was not OP to you.
      The armor buff was needed because of gold ammo. The gun buff was never needed ; and both combined made the tank OP.
      If its just a fat bunker but with limited firepower then the tank will be fine. Not balanced, but much better than what we have. Because remember that unlike Type5 this tank actualy has to pen in order to so dmg. This nerf makes the tank balanced to me.

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      1. “The armor buff was needed because of gold ammo” – The armour buff made the Maus immune to AP, so now it gets hit with more gold than ever. I have no idea how “better armour = less goldspam” in your world…
        Now that arty’s damage is gone, the only thing the Maus’ armour needs to be balanced against is AP shells. Funnily enough, “Shoot gold or go home” isn’t balanced. Needs to be nerfed back to when players had to angle properly.
        “The gun buff was never needed” – Sub-2000 dpm on a Tier 10 Heavy was an utter joke. And the gun handling was pathetic as well. It’s current dpm would be fine if it could consistently be damaged in return.

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        1. Better armor does not equal less gold spam.
          But Maus being the most armored tank in the game in the first place ; it almost never received AP to begin with. Everyone fired nothing but gold anyway so might as well balance the tank around that broken mechanic since WG rather change everything in this game than change only gold to make it balanced.

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        2. DPM with rammer and vents was 2300 pre buff, so yeah. The DPM is the biggest issue on the current maus, with vents rammer, BIA its about 3K which is too much with such good gun handling and nearly 5K effective health. I’m satisfied that they are doing incremental nerfs instead of the usual WG wild swings. You guys act as if gold ammo ruins the maus, when it just forces Maus drivers to play properly and angle.


      2. The new armor is completely unhistorical though. They used to never change the armor unless it was for a paper tank which never existed or had no blueprints which specified armor values.


  1. Wargaming not touching the stats that actually make it overpowered (Armour + DPM) yet again as always. They just want some more free-XP conversion for a couple of patches to maximise on the profit….


  2. So WG, they cant do one thing right. IS 7 will get buff to DPM, Maus has to sit and shoot fucking tier 8 for so long, and new WZ will have rof onver 5 with 490… GG wg balance.


    1. WZ doesnt have unpenetrable frontal armor, and 3k hp. WZ is gonna be a T-10 with a bigger gun, that’s it. Good damage dealer, but not a good heavy tank. More like a medium-heavy hybrid, supposed to be played like the IS line or a T110E5 post-nerf, not like a Maus or an E-100.
      As for the IS-7: the gun handling is so disgusting it makes it useless. While it has good armor it does not have a good enough ability to damage ennemies. And chances are the buff it will receive is not about DPM but about gun handling.


      1. WZ has more armor on hull then 113. And hit like truck, and dont go 20.

        Load heat and type 5 or Maus armor dont do shit. Stop that propaganda.

        IS 7 soft stats still better then Maus after buff on turret and hull traverse. But Comrade, IS 7 dont solo Maus, we need to Maus. IS 7 cant be balanced tank.


        1. Their hull viewports got nerfed by 40mm I think. So Type 5 has two big 230mm plates in the middle of the 270mm hull.
          That’s a weakspot to me ; unless your definition of a weakspot is “0mm armor and autopen from all angles” ; in which case WG could hire you as a balance department director.


  3. When they buffed MAUS they gave it unnecesary HP (because they buffed weakspots too) – removing those HP is just fair. Making the reload slower again may or may not be so great because MAUS had an awfull dpm combined with the low AP penetration.


    1. It keeps the armor though ; so thats fair. Unlike Type5 Maus has to aim and pen to do dmg so it needs the armor to survive exposure a bit longer. And the buffed DPM was ridiculous.

      These changes look fine. They nerf it where it needs it and without making it useless.


  4. (comment didnt make it ?)

    Looks fine to me.
    -The DPM was what made the tank overperform. Not only did it have the armor but it also had insane rate of fire allowing it to survive alone against multiple ennemies and hold a flank on its own. Now the tank will have a harder time holding on, because it’ll take too long to kill multiple ennemies alone.
    -It keeps it’s much needed armor. The turret front weakspot was a broken weakspot. You couldnt angle it enough, gold could pen it everywhere, and unlike a LFP you cannot hide a turret. With the new armor values gold still goes through but not at all angles anymore (and let’s be honest, if people are capable of switching to gold for a bat chat they will never fire AP at a Maus ever in the first place).
    -The bottom armor nerf will remove it’s imunity to HE shells from arty especialy, but also from Type5.

    Keep in mind that, unlike the Type5 which has an OP artillery derp gun, the Maus only has a normal gun. It actualy needs to pen in order to do dmg. So the longer reload combined with bounces or non-pen shots are enough of a nerf already ; and since the tank does need to expose itself to aim, the armor needs to stay as it is. Type5 on the other hand can just peek-a-boom a 700dmg shot without aiming and go back to hiding for 25s, which means it needs a front weakspot so the ennemies can damage it during the 2s it’s exposed.
    If they nerfed the Maus’ armor, it would go back to useless tier X heavy getting owned by everything. With this nerf however it’s still capable of tanking a lot of shots, but without dealing insane amounts of damages back. That’s not the perfect balance but that’s still much better than what we have now. And now arty will actualy want to fire at the Maus because they’ll do more than 10dmg per minute.

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  5. Seems like Wargaming is now leaning towards German bias. Even in WoWs, the Germans have the best Battleship, Cruiser, and Destroyer lines right now;


    1. Battleships sure, but since when did the Germans have the best cruisers and destroyers? Especially the destroyers – apart from pedowhores padding at Tier 2 with their V-25 I have yet to hear good opinions on the nazi DD line.

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  6. Why everytime i get almost to another tank it gets nerfed!grill 15 had it 2 weeks and bamb!load times speed all messes with now like 20 matches away from maus and look!aghhh.leave stuff alone!always gotta screw with stuff because whahhhh i cant pen it with my tier 8!FFS!


  7. if you people can’t kill a fkin maus you are not a good players,why don’t you complain to wargaming to make maus full of weak spots.i don’t see the point of nerfing maus,it will be useless like before.


  8. I stopped researching any more new tanks, because wargaming’s constant mentally challenged nerves/ buffs are highly irritating/ demotivating!!!


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