WoT – 9.20 Supertest – French MBT

Left – old, right – new.

Also: better on the move gun handling and better DPM, however the pen will go down to 248, as well as the accuracy will suffer a flop to 0.34.

SovietTenkDestroyer: I understand what Wargaming is trying to do, but in my opinion this is not the right way to go. If they really want to differentiate it from the Leopard I, they could have easily enabled the 20mm co-axial cannon to fire. With that enabled, it could easily fend off paper tanks.


22 thoughts on “WoT – 9.20 Supertest – French MBT

      1. Then WG would need to implement the multi-gun/turret mechanism to other tanks as well… and who knows how long it will take.

        But I get your idea.


  1. How will this be different from the gameplay of the STB-1 now?

    Also the pen nerf + accuracy changes were negatively welcomed on the very first sandbox tests and now they are trying to introduce it again?

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    1. It’ll be inbetween M48 and STB I assume, less depression, better armour values on the turret itself, still has the tumor, godlike gun handling with a high DPM gun and mediocre accuracy and the awful pen value as well

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  2. ” they could have easily enabled the 20mm co-axial cannon to fire. With that enabled, it could easily fend off paper tanks.”

    Such a great idea that’s not completely useless

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  3. Anything that makes it not-a-worse-Leopard is welcome. Yes, it’s going to be more similar to STB, but all of these tanks are based on each other so similarities are inevitable anyway


  4. (To SovietTenkDestoryer, as I see you’ve commented on this).
    I have so much stuff to ask about a Romanian tech tree, but it’s too much to ask in a comment section. I have some questions that could probably change some of your ideas on the low tiers.
    I’ve saved 15 questions for you in MS Office Word, but as I said, there are too many and they are also too long to be asked here. Do you have time for them in a chat or something like it? (Only if you want, of course)

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      1. Tiger 2, that suck for year, still have historical armor, Ferdiand same. Only Maus did get, like two updates ago. But Foch and AMX is not same.

        So what WG will add Sovieta tank ? IS 7 will get armor buff? They will kill this game, its not good way to go. Not the right one.


  5. I honestly like 30B a lot – perhaps even slightly better than Leo even though Leo does most better on paper and has increased mobility… Increasing the mantlet armor is a nice buff but I would prefer they did not touch the gun handling!!


  6. I played AMX 30B on my friend’s account and I liked it a lot so I decided to grind and even maybe to buy M4A1 for crew training but in case they’re going to implemet those changes nothing from my plan to start with a French tech tree is about to happen. Leopard I and AMX 30 /B version are very similar tanks that has many features in common as they were developed with some NATO’s standards. AMX 30B has (or had) the second best gun in the game right after the E50M. Role of armour is overrated since everything is going to penetrate you and no matter what tank you drive because there is (russian) heat master race. I wanted to be a little bit diferent since everyone is driving russian tanks so in Centurion AX or AMX 30 you do not fell like world of zombie tanks, like a victim of unification when everyone drives the same tanks over and over what is kind of a boring thing to see, drive and to fight agains. Are they trying to make any other tank than russian ones useless and pointless to drive or have? To me it seems like they do as I can’t explain and alsa understand the decision to decrease the penetration value and significantly worse gun’s dispersion when AMX had one of the best guns of its time that were mounted on tanks. Are people in the ballance team in the WG complete idiots? Everything is going to be fine we will buff T62A and OBJ 140 and a few buffs to OBJ 907 and other russians. Maybe they are not and the would like to push plyers to fire even more HEAT premium ammunition to spend higher amount of credits. No I really do not like the way the game is going, I really do not. They will add armour, make gunhandling worse but you know what? When some tank has ,,armour,, every one can just push magic 2 key and problem is solved. I have not played WoT last days because I was busy in work and life but I think I will play something different when I will have time screw the monts of premium account… I’m done.


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