WoT – 9.19.1 Test Server Patchnotes

Polish Vehicles

  • Added the Pudel (Polish medium Tier VI tank). Vehicle description: “A variant of the Pz.Kpfw. V Panther Ausf. G, the most massively produced modification of the German Panther tank. Two German Panther Ausf. G tanks were captured by Polish troops during the Warsaw Uprising on August 2, 1944. Rebels applied national colors and various emblems to the vehicles, which is reflected in the game. One tank was nicknamed “Pudel” (which means Poodle) and used in urban warfare.”
  • In that connection, the following will be also added:
    • Poland nation in the filter of the vehicle panel;
    • National crew (only the male voiceover will be available) with ranks and Personal Data;
    • Polish camouflage patterns, emblems and inscriptions;
    • National premium consumable: Bread with Smalec.
    • The Polish nation will not be added to the Tech Tree.

Boot Camp

  • Added a new functionality for newcomers and those players who want to improve their game skill. The Boot Camp will replace the current Battle Training. The tutorial in the Boot Camp will explain the basic elements of World of Tanks: driving, victory conditions, finding vulnerable spots in enemy armor, explanation of the View Range and visibility systems, purchase of vehicles and improving their technical characteristics, crew management, equipment, and consumables. The mode will be available when entering the game for the first time; for the rest of the players: the mode will be available in the ECS menu.
  • Changed the mechanics of armor penetration indicator.

Stronghold Improvements

  • In the Stronghold mode, the battle room Commander in the Advances can ping the strategy on the minimap before the beginning of a battle. All players in the battle room will be able to see these indications.

Matchmaker Improvements

  • Matchmaking within particular tiers. The mismatch in the number of light tanks, tank destroyers, SPGs, and Platoons within each particular tier will be decreased. For example, this improvement will decrease the number of battles where one of the teams has a light tank at the top of the team list, while the enemy light tank is at the bottom of the team list.
  • Added the possibility of inviting an SPG to the Platoon (the limitation is one SPG per Platoon).
  • Changed the vehicle display order (within a particular tier) by types in the team panels. The new display order: heavy tanks, medium tanks, tank destroyers, light tanks, SPGs. Within a type, the vehicles are sorted  alphabetically.

Improvements to Stun Mechanics

  • Added convenient display of the allied SPG aiming area marker above objects and bridges.
  • Damage caused by allied SPGs to stunned enemy vehicles in now counted when calculating Marks of Excellence on the gun. Now this damage is added together with damage caused to enemy vehicle upon track destruction and spotting, and the damage caused to the enemy vehicles.
  • Changed the conditions for Gore’s Medal: now it is enough to cause 2,000 damage without causing damage to allies.
  • Separate options for Battle Performance Badges and total damage log to stunned targets were added to the Battle Notifications tab.
  • Changed camera settings in the alternative aiming mode. Reduced camera sensitivity to minor irregularities.

Reworking to HD-quality

Vehicles reworked to HD-quality:

  1. SU-8
  2. SU-26
  3. M3 Light
  4. M4A3E8 Sherman
  5. M36 Jackson
  6. AMX 13 F3 AM
  7. AMX 105 AM mle. 47
  8. AMX 105 AM mle. 50
  9. Lorraine 39L AM
  10. Pz.Kpfw. IV hydrostat.
  11. D1
  12. Universal Carrier 2-pdr
  13. Churchill Gun Carrier

Improvements to Female Voiceover

  • Completely rerecorded the Chinese voiceover with a new voice and required dialect.
  • Updated the U.S.S.R. female voiceover. Rerecorded some phrases.
  • Changed the radio interference effect for the female voiceover, following the requests of players. Now the female voiceover will sound clearer and accented.

Changes to Conditions of Personal Missions

  • LT-7: The SPG Hunter for tile 4:
    • Spot 3 enemy SPGs and cause damage. Destroy at least 1 enemy SPG.
  • MT-7: A Surprise Blow, for all tiles:
    • Cause damage to at least 1 enemy SPG.
    • Destroy at least 1 enemy SPG.
    • Cause damage to at least 2 enemy SPGs. Destroy at least 1 enemy SPG.
    • Cause damage to at least 3 enemy SPGs. Destroy at least 1 enemy SPG.
  • MT-8: Confrontation, for all tiles:
    • Destroy at least 3 enemy medium tanks.
  • MT-9: A Worthy Opponent, for all tiles:
    • Cause at least 500 HP of damage to enemy heavy tanks. Destroy at least 1 enemy heavy tank.
    • Cause at least 1,000 HP of damage to enemy heavy tanks. Destroy at least 1 enemy heavy tank.
    • Cause at least 1,500 HP of damage to enemy heavy tanks. Destroy at least 2 enemy heavy tanks.
    • Cause at least 2,000 HP of damage to enemy heavy tanks. Destroy at least 2 enemy heavy tanks.
  • HT-6 (renamed and fully changed). A Two-Cause Meal, for all tiles:
    • Destroy a total of at least 2 heavy or medium tanks.
    • Destroy a total of at least 2 heavy or medium tanks of the same or higher tier.
    • Destroy a total of at least 3 heavy or medium tanks.
    • Destroy a total of at least 4 heavy or medium tanks.

Improvements to the Specials Window

  • Added the functionality for automatic display of Specials sent to the Notification Center.

Changes to Technical Characteristics of Vehicles


  • Added the following vehicle: Tiger 217


  • Changes to Technical Characteristics:
    • 121: Changed the depression angle of the 122 mm 60-122T gun from -3.5 deg. to -5 deg.
    • 113: Changed the depression angle of the 122 mm 60-122TG gun from -5 deg. to -7 deg. (on sides)
  • Added the new researchable Tier X WZ-111-5A heavy tank to the Chinese branch. The vehicle will be researched through the WZ-111-4.


  • Added the following vehicle: Pudel