WoT 9.19.1 Teaser Info


Info translated from Falathi’s post on the official forum.

In the upcoming update we have focused on improving the previously introduced functionality, which were presented in the Spring – changes in matchmaking and arty. We will implement a few changes in high-tier tanks from the Chinese tree, add the first Polish tank, and a new training mode. We won’t forget about adding new HD vehicles.

What is it about the improved MM? Firstly, we changed the type criteria for vehicles. Now, teams will be more balanced in regards to TDs, LTs and SPGs through picking those vehicle types by taking onto account their place in the team lineup.
For example, if in one team a light tank is on the top of the lineup, the matchmaker will try to find a light tank to place on the top of the team in the enemy team. The previous matchmaker didn’t take that into account.

Arty will now be able to play in platoons again, however not more than one of those vehicles per platoon. The third change is about the way of sorting the vehicles of the same tier on in the team lineup. The details will come in the changelog.
What else will be changed for arty? Besides being able to play in platoons, aiming will be even better. There will be changes in the stun mechanics – stun assisted damage will now be counted towards a mastery badge. Furthermore we revised the Gore Medal requirements and improved the arty target marker interface.



49 thoughts on “WoT 9.19.1 Teaser Info

  1. “Besides being able to play in platoons, aiming will be even better. ”

    PLS NO

    “We will implement a few changes in high-tier tanks from the Chinese tree”

    WZ-111 5A coming. Calling it.

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  2. first Polish tank

    “We will implement a few changes in high-tier tanks from the Chinese tree.”

    Maybe the mini Heavy line incoming? Any changes to the medium line?

    “Arty will now be able to play in platoons again, however not more than one of those vehicles per platoon.”

    Good change.

    “new training mode”

    Hopefully it will be useful for new players.

    What about the teased russian changes?


    1. The teased russian changes will come in full patchnotes.

      I assume the Chinese hightier changes will mean buffs to some tanks (T-34-2, 110 and probably 121), but most notably, I think the WZ-111 5A will be introduced. It did hit the supertest few months ago so it would make sense.

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        1. Would make no sense to replace the tank with a tank that got replaced by its replacement, wouldnt it?

          Alternative tier 10 sounds very likely tbf. Or another possibility is that WZ-111 5A will be the tier X heavy that WZ-111 1-4 leads into, while 113 is now linked to medium line.

          Who knows.


          1. They could easily copy the 112 model for a Tier IX with the 112mm D25T as stock gun, a middle gun and the 113’s gun as top gun and it could be researched from the T-34-2 and put the 113 at the end of the line.

            But since it wasn’t leaked or tested yet it’s very unlikely.


              1. We already have the case of T-54 which is a single tier 9 leading to two tier 10s.

                I don’t see why the 5A couldn’t be similar : a second tier 10 HT option. There is no need for a full line below it. Also the WZ-111-1-4 is known to be a rather good and enjoyable tank just like the T-54 is, which means an additionnal grind would be a bonus rather than anything else.

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                1. At this point, I highly doubt WG will add new tank with no line before it. Reason being lack of free XP sink, thus no gold and money spent. They need to give people at the very least T9 to grind, ideally a shitty T8 aswell.


                  1. That’s why the T-54 is so expensive to run. The standard shells already cost ~1000 credits and the pen is so low, that you are forced to shoot the 330mm HEAT rounds in a lot of situations. It’s a credit sink just because of the fact that it leads to the two best mediums in the game. For the most players, it’s not playable without a premium account.


      1. Well the rebalance, of course. The better accuracy, quicker reload, huge splash and cancerous stunning is a decisive buff.


        1. Well, it only compensates for the damage output loss from magik RNG oneshots and AP/HEAT lolpens.
          I hardly call it a buff, as arties cannot deal that much damage per shot to -let’s say- heavies anymore, even if you hit more often. Unless you bring me statistics showing in improvement in wr/dpg, I’d just consider arties as “still annoying, but differently”.


        2. You forgot that they went from 1000dmg on splash to 250dmg on hit with the same caliber.

          But that, nobody is gonna talk about.
          Sure a 2s reload buff and 3s effective aim time buff is definitely a much bigger change than having their damage divided by 3 ; it’s a buff rather than a nerf.

          And the stun isnt a buff. It’s a cancerous mechanic that annoys everyone ; but arties do not get any benefit from it unless someome decides to shoot at the stunned target during the 1s he’ll take to activate his med kid or get to cover. Stun is just a useless feature ; maybe a nerf for other classes, but definitely not a buff.
          Also super heavy tanks are now immune to arty damage and almost unkillable ; but that is not gamebreaking at all to have entire games won in advance by the MM, compared to the occasional oneshot that arties did before. They’re definitely not the ones that became OP with the arty rework.

          Do you even play that game .-.


          1. From my point of view these changes are making artillery a class that has greater impact on a battle.
            Greater impact = buff.

            I’m not going into any obscure details, I’m telling my own thoughts and observations about the game after the arty rebalance.


    1. Edit : the aiming they are talking about is the battle assistant “aiming view”. Not actual accuracy stats.
      They already said they were gonna tweak it some more, while accuracy is fine as it is. Also further in the paragraph they talk about interface changes so it would be more logical to mean “arty aiming view will be improved” than “arty aiming stats will be improved” in this context.


  3. Looks like the NA friends list issue wont be directly addressed because only the US server has the problem.

    How can they simply ignore the chat server issue?
    I personally know a lot of people who just stopped playing over this problem and WG complete lack of information.


    1. Yeah something is janky if it’s just NA server that is having this issue. Why us and not the others unless they made tweaks to the NA server’s client?


      1. It is tied to the changes they are making in the game’s UI.

        They don’t know how to fix it, so they (NA) are ignoring it.

        I got my first strike over the issue.

        In fact, I’m pretty much done with the game.

        It’s not the crime, it’s the cover up.


    1. Scratch what I just wrote. I thought they meant aiming as in accuracy, as it turns out they meant that alternative aiming mode.


  4. I hope the 0 damage stun will be removed or reduced below 5 seconds. Taking a full stun for a round that did 0 damage is maddening.


  5. Another arty accuracy buff… Arty is even more broken vs low-mid tiers and light tanks as they still hit for 600+ only now instead of hitting 20% of the time on a small moving light tank they hit 60% of the time. Yet another heavy tank buff disguised as “arty balancing”


  6. I think this translation on arty aiming is wrong because all other sources talk about how the “new aiming was improved and made more usefull”
    “New SPG aiming was improved and should now be more useful”
    “What other changes will affect arty? In addition to platoons, we improved the targeting system- making it a bit more useful. There will also be changes to the stun mechanics: “


  7. fixing the high tier chinese :D that sounds really promising :) im hoping they fix the gun dep on the tier 9 and 10 meds theyve already got awful gun handling they dont need to be so limited in gun dep too… also if they add a second mini ht line that would be so bad ass :) (if they do that though i hope it doesnt branch from the 110 because i hated that tank with a passion)


    1. ive wanted a 121 for so long but just havent been able to justify getting it because its just awkward as hell and the armor is technically better than the russians thickness wise but i think its less effective because the anglings not as good.


  8. Edit for the arty aiming part :
    A while ago they talked about changing a bit the “Battle Assistant” view they added for arty. And they refered to it as “arty aiming”.

    So chances are, when they say “[arty] aiming will be even better” they are not talking about accuracy changes, but about the aiming view getting tweaked to be closer to Battle Assistant (currently it is unbearable and makes you seasick).

    If it was a buff they would not have said “aiming”, but “aim time” or “accuracy”. “Aiming” as a stat usualy means dispersion stats, which are not very useful in arties since they do not move their hull/turret much, so it is very unlikely this is what they meant. And they would have used the word “buff” in this context.


    1. I really didn’t have a context for this so…¯\_(ツ)_/¯
      Also not playing WoT actively since roughly 9.10 lol


    2. I think this is the case aswell, they said they are not happy with Battle Assistant and they’ll tweak it, and this sounds more like that than further improving aimtime or accuracy.

      They also haven’t said a word about changing arty characteristics, and tbh before making changes WG usually mentions them in Q&A’s.


  9. I haven’t ranted for a while about the lack of Israeli tanks in WoT.

    Ok, done.

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    1. Not more fake than a bunch of other blueprints.. China needs some love too. Been as is since they came. T110 among others could need some love and hd models


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