WoT 9.19.1 Teaser Info


Info translated from Falathi’s post on the official forum.

In the upcoming update we have focused on improving the previously introduced functionality, which were presented in the Spring – changes in matchmaking and arty. We will implement a few changes in high-tier tanks from the Chinese tree, add the first Polish tank, and a new training mode. We won’t forget about adding new HD vehicles.

What is it about the improved MM? Firstly, we changed the type criteria for vehicles. Now, teams will be more balanced in regards to TDs, LTs and SPGs through picking those vehicle types by taking onto account their place in the team lineup.
For example, if in one team a light tank is on the top of the lineup, the matchmaker will try to find a light tank to place on the top of the team in the enemy team. The previous matchmaker didn’t take that into account.

Arty will now be able to play in platoons again, however not more than one of those vehicles per platoon. The third change is about the way of sorting the vehicles of the same tier on in the team lineup. The details will come in the changelog.
What else will be changed for arty? Besides being able to play in platoons, aiming will be even better. There will be changes in the stun mechanics – stun assisted damage will now be counted towards a mastery badge. Furthermore we revised the Gore Medal requirements and improved the arty target marker interface.