World of Warplanes 2.0: 2nd Iteration

This video of the 2nd iteration of WoWp 2.0. I haven’t played the game in a long while, but it seems to have received a lot of elements of War Thunder which could be for the better.


24 thoughts on “World of Warplanes 2.0: 2nd Iteration

  1. Looks really promising, I hope they will release it soon.

    I know WG said no a million times already but I still think if WG manages to make WoWP 2.0 a good game it would be cool if they would combine WoT, WoWS and WoWP like in Warthunder. WoWS and WoWP got huge maps (compared to WoT) already and WG is experimenting with bigger maps for WoT as well so it wouldn’t even feel cluttered and instabombing would be a rare sight in WoT if planes would be present and WG could also release Anti-Aircraft vehicles as well be them tracked or wheeled. And imagine if once your ship was sunk you could take off from Aircraft carriers or island runways in WoWS using your planes researched in WoWP. We would need some torpedo bombers for WoWP then.


    1. That’s not even remotely possible because WoT, WoWS and WoWP are completely separate games with incompatible mechanics. They’re also each developed independently by a different studio.


    1. Because this a subject I thought would interest some WoWs, WoT, and WT players. I wouldn’t have done this if it were regular WoWp content.

      Same reason why I put historical articles about this put in WoT and WT categories


        1. WoWS’s initial population was nothing like WoT’s initial. If you play WoWS or WoT, It is in your best interest to see how Wargaming handles projects on life support, especially given that WoT will be in this stage soon and WoWS’s lifespan is not as long as WoT’s.


          1. Unless, of course, you’ll toss your time and effort at any title Wargaming publishes next after it closes down your preferred game–in which case, this relaunch should be of extra interest to you!


            1. I repeat, this have nothinf to do with Wows, or Wot. And it serve nothing for information about how they care about a game, as they are different devs, different revenues and different populations. This is not a relaunch either, is a restiling at best, and not an interesting one.

              First of all, Wowp never have the lead in the niche, Wot and Wows have (we could argue if Wot still have it in the tanks, but I stil think it have -and I didnt play for 2 or 3 years now-). So mainly they are trying to resurrect a long time dead game. Something that is not happening in the other 2.

              I repeat, tags are for something, and I said it polite, not pissed about that, Wowp is a total dissaster from the begining to start with, anything that happens to it have nothing to do with the rest of WG bigworld engine games, because it born handicaped and still is. Dont get me wrong, I want it to shine, because with 1 account I could have 3 different games, but right now, I assume I have only 2 (which I play 1 at a time until I get bored and I back to the other…and go on).

              This is not extra interesting because is a totally different matter in a lot of different aspects =)


              1. oh, change your tampon, eat some fudge and get over it, nancy boy. You don’t like his tags you are free to fuck the hell off and go somewhere else.


  2. You know what? This actually looks decent. Still needs polishing (Gun fire sounds in particular aren’t that great thus far) and of course, this being a Wargaming title, balance will be a problem. But if this was available, I might try it.


  3. Still garbage.Eyecandy alone isn’t enough to make me play this again. Seriously….HP bars…full arcade flight models……and you call it “decent”? This is one of the things you people HATED when it was first launched and now somehow it looks “decent”?Whatever….


    1. But that’s their only option. Imagine they removed HP bars and arcade flight model, what would be the reaction? “You only copy WT, they did it better”.

      There always should be differences. Full copycat mode is bad for business, you won’t overtake the original.


  4. A turd will always be a turd no matter how much you polish it. It will be shiny and beautiful and it might stop smelling so bad, but it will always be a turd.Shit.


  5. yes looks better and smoother
    but I was a bit confused is not possible anymore to buy premium consumables for credits? its gold only now, could not find a switch to change
    or did I miss something?


  6. I don’t really get it. If goal is suppose to be as much close to WT as possible, why should someone play WT copy if he/she can play original? I mean even perfect WT copy won’t save WoWP. WG should introduce something new and good, but original by their own at the same time


    1. Because of the unified account for WG products. I have a lot of money invested in WoT and WoWs. If I can benefit in a WT air clone with my investment in the other two wg titles, then I’d play WoWp over WT especially if they were similar in gameplay. I’m skeptical it will ever get to that point but that’s what would make me choose to play one over the other.

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    2. Because WT has tons of problems that aren’t being addressed, and I am sick to death of Gaijin as a developer. If WG can deliver me a arcady WW2 flight sim that doesn’t have ridiculous grind and laughably bad Russian Bias, then it’s earned it’s place in the market.

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