Dev Response Regarding Premium Tanks

Two of World of Tanks’ prominent developers gave a response regarding the community’s outcry about premiums.


73 thoughts on “Dev Response Regarding Premium Tanks

  1. 1:09 to the end
    LOL….defender stats “show its not overperforming” bull fking shit. its outperforming tier 8s in droves.

    and i hope WG remembers just cause u can buy premium rounds for silver. doesn’t mean we should be forced to use it. REWARD AIMING. NOT PAYING TO PEN.

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    1. Reward aiming, sure. What aiming? RNG? Good luck aiming for weakspots from more than 50 meters with this seriously fucked up dispersion. I always am amazed how deludedly dumb you people are and think there is any kind of skill and balance and skill in WoT. Plus you have no access to statistics that wg can see. Stupid unicum stat sites are not in any way representative for the overall masses. Stop pretending and blindly following idiots like some CCs and streamer scum.


      1. That’s EXACTLY his point, he is urging WG to reward aiming. So basically, you agree with what he says and then continue to call him deludedly dumb?
        Please, calm down and have a civilized discussion… Also, you can’t make claims that those “stupid unicum stat sites” are not representative of the masses – you need to provide evidence. I’m not saying you’re wrong, I’m saying that some people actually think critically and would like to see some evidence instead of feelings.


  2. So basically, everything is the same as always ?!?
    I’m not even laugh at when they mention that TVP VTU can be ‘dangerous’ to Defender, if that Defender is not brain dead.
    Fack that shit, even tier 10 tanks need to be careful around that thing.

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  3. WG realized they need to do PR on this so good. But I call Bullshit on the data comment just look at the VBAddict data on the defender / 252. For public available tanks it’s tops in damage and WR, bounces 50% of shots, top 5 in accuracy (hand of stalin) and top 10 in income. It’s a premium T9 tank at tier 8.

    As an aside the VK100 falls into this recently unbalanced OP category bouncing 55% of shots and having 400m viewrange and a pretty nice gun at tier 8. It’s Also right behind the 252 in winrate. On top of this WG looking to make premium clone with potential 750 alpha gun at tier 8!!!

    They are not learning at all and just applying money extraction techniques on cash cow phase of product lifecycle. I really think this video was a joke.

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  4. I’m starting to understand why this game will never improve past the point we are today… Because the people running it obviously doesn’t listen and still thinks everything is fine… :|

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    1. I dont see how S1 is overperforming at

      Lorraine isnt too gamebreaking either, though yes, i would say its maybe little too good but not too badly. Atleast its not as retarded as original tier 8 Lorraine.

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      1. In my opinion both of them are underperforming.
        I have both and I can safely say, the Lorrie needs either a shorter reload or 1 more shell to be able to stand on its own, otherwise it is reduced to the role of a flanker and/or support tank.
        As for the S1, even though it has better speed backwards than the UDES, its fire rate, therefore DPM, is still smaller than its regular tech tree counterpart.

        Every tank could use a rework and YOU are the guy who can do that.


        1. Uuhh… The lorraine is supposed to be a flanker/support tank. It doesn’t need a buff; it’s not meant to be played solo.


  5. I think they’ve misunderstood the definition of P2W… It seems they think it means to litterally go to the premium shop and buy victories :| Supreme Bundle: 100 victories for 99.99€ :D

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  6. who are those 2 dimwits? is WG hosting a dumbest employees of the month contest?
    i mean fuck me after listening 2min i heard all i needed to.
    this company is a fucking joke


  7. I really like this, the seem very professional like I should take them seriously,
    like they sold me a crappy tv and ask them why does the tv suck, and they laugh and giggle at me saying well if you squint just a little more at the tv you will get a better picture ah ah ah.


  8. TL;DW version for busy people:
    Don’t worry, it is not P2W at all, because you can still have a good fight against them if you are in a stupid-heavy like O-Ho or VK100. Meanwhile, if you found yourself in a not-so-heavy tank, fuck you, we don’t want you in the game, unless you fire gold.

    And yeah, I want to challenge that idiot who said he could fight a Obj252U in his TVP VTU. Rules are simple: one on one with no gold and no helper. Whoever lose suck a dick. I guess the queue will be even longer than the day apple release a new device and he will have quite a lots of dick to suck tho.

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  9. – TVP VTU vs Defender

    Effectively tier 7.5 medium VS effectively tier 8.5 heavy? LUL

    Also Defender is “not” overperforming, okay then. Ofc its not overperforming when you put it against Type 5 or Maus.

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  10. Meanwhile , noone cares about W.o.T E-sport cuz noone is interrested in autoaimed, 25% RNG , press 2 twice skillz.


  11. Whine Whine Whine Whine Whine.
    The average FTP player in WoT.

    Once again, the reason why the new tier 8 premium tanks are very strong is very simple. They have standard MM. People are paying real money in order to play a tier 8 tank vs tier 10’s.
    Said tier 10’s are shooting premium ammo in droves vs tier 8’s. (I dare people to say this is not true)
    So in order for the company to be able to sell said premium tanks, they must be STRONK!!!!
    Otherwise, they will sell like the kanonenjagdpanzer. And not the LIberte/Patriot/Defender.

    As I have said many many times, and those of you with functional brain cells need to understand, WG is a company with thousands of employees. Those employees need to be paid, otherwise they will quit. If they quit, then there is no company, no company = no FTP game.


    1. Your way of thinking is flawed and exactly the mentality of bad companies (like WG). WG can sell well balanced premium tanks without bringing OP shit to the table. When you sell OP shit, you’re going to sell just the OP shit and after a time, you’re going to release even more OP shit to be able to sell. That will break the general balance and will make people leave the game. If people leave the game, no more FTP game because you won’t have money to pay to the OP shit creators.

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      1. Mao, your way of thinking is flawed, and is exactly the mentality of people that will never make any money.
        You may live in Eastern Europe, and not be making an Average salary of Western Europe, thus you cannot really afford 43 Euro, and WG are wisely not selling them in the in game store for gold, only for money. (so that CW and tournies free gold winners cant get them)

        It is very simple. The people that will leave, will leave anyway. Not because of a Patriot or Defender.

        Regarding the gold ammo bs? Sod off with that, I get shot by IS3’s with premium ammo in my tier 6 and 7 tech tree tanks ALL the time. I get shot in my IS3 by tier 10’s with premium ammo ALL THE TIME.
        If you cannot afford high tier play due to lack of credits on a standard account, then play tier 5 to earn credits, then play tier 8-10. Get good, and join a CW clan and earn gold, play in tournies and earn gold, and buy t8 prems and premium account time so that you can afford to play high tier.
        WoT allows people to win gold for being good. Without spending a penny.

        Of course, you can simply buy premium account time and premium tanks, and afford 2 spam anyway.


        1. Again, you’re wrong and you show your flawed way of thinking (could be translated into stupidity since I see you like calling people names). Releasing broken content like Defender will only earn you an income boost in a short period of time. However, in the long run, you will lose more money because more people will leave. But you probably have this western mentality of taking things for granted ;)


          1. “”could be translated into stupidity since I see you like calling people names””.

            Well, up until there, I didn’t.
            But I can easily start if you want.


          2. I dunno, folks, I think WG is an EXPERT at MARKETING and they have carefully tweaked their business model to succeed — they are #6 most profitable game, no? That doesn’t happen by accident.

            Look at all the free pubilicity that these most recent premiums have brought — remember, there’s no such thing as “bad” publicity — it sells newspapers and it sells premium tanks. I bet for every one of us crying out against OP premium tanks, there are two peope quietly buying them with real CA$H in the hopes that they will roll over everyone.

            By them saying they will not sell X or Y tank, only creates a higher desire (and Price tag) for when they do decide to sell them. Agree with Zohan, when people pay REAL Money for something, they want to get their money’s worth.

            When WG removed sheltered MM for Premium tanks, this is the natural progression. Maybe they analyzed statistics and saw this as the best model to increase profits and now they are laughing all the way to the bank!


    2. I dont know why people cry about the new premiums about being op. Then go take a look on the older ones they are total useless now with the new MM.( IS6 with 175mm pen and 217mm gold pen in a full t8 battle well GL). As you mentioned they making them better because of the full MM, also only tomatoes cry about the Defender,Patriot,M4 49, when I meet with them in battle I don’t have any difficulty to take them out. The only broken being is the Chrysler that’s all. Also love when players who don’t own Liberte, Patriot or 252 says they are op, but when you play them everyone pen you. ( Own Experience ).

      + Aren’t we pay 43 euros for a freaking digital tank to make some credits in the game?
      Dunno how many of you would pay for a T8 Heavy with 170mm pen with full MM.
      That’s all.

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      1. You might handle a defender easily – but it is still stronger than IS3 which is already one of the strongest tier 8 tanks… Not by much – but it is enough. Liberte has tons of weak spots like being slow, only 300 alpha, paper ammorack and weak side + shoulders. But that doesn’t mean WG can get away with poor balancing and then having a Muppet tell us to wait for any info regarding a solution they been working on for a long time… BS


      2. A simple angling make both Chrysler and Obj252U frontally immune to guns with lower than 230-ish pen, and only a handful number of regular, old T8 heavies can reach this value without “skill rounds”. Either you expecting to bounce T9 or above (which should be total BS because you are in a T8), or you don’t even notice people fire golds at you.

        If you are talking about AMX mle.49 or T26E5 then, not much people really say they are OP. What they said was power creep as F compere to their regular counterparts in the same role.


    3. So,with your logic,if they are STRONK vs tier 10s,how are they vs tier 6s?
      vs tier 7s?
      So,the next poor guy raped in his tier 7 by some Defender or Chrysler,is gona comfort himself by thinking:”OK,this dude RAPED me,theres NOTHING i can do,i will go pay for my repairs now for a 5 min game i had NO fun in,but he will get raped next battle by some tier 10,ITS ALL GOOD,YEEAAAAH”.

      BTW Mr.Professor,:
      People quiting the game-less income.
      Paying Veterans quitting the game cuz of shit mechanics (Arty-Gold spamm-OP tanks-Difficult economy)-less income
      Noobied getting farmed with OP shits and quitting due to frustration,no population growth-less income.
      Less income-GAME DIES.

      see,it works both ways.


  12. I bet most developers speak russian and little to no english.
    I have no idea who these 2 clowns are, maybe one of them was the guy with the threats (?)
    So they claim they only have 2 tanks that are OP??? Next video they will say they just have 1 and 1/2, and by the end of the month no OP tanks at all, why not? I bet the guy who wasn’t czech is a magician… or at least he thinks he is… “And now we have no more P2W tanks! Abracadabra!” and runs away with your wallet


  13. can we stop and acknowledge that this was posted by the WoT NA facebook page? After the last fuck up by NA with the Foch fiasco I would think they should sit down and shut the fuck up. But instead here they are again talking about shit they clearly have no fucking idea about.

    Seriously, WG NA needs to make some replacements in their staff


      1. Shit man, all your comments in this thread are making me cringe…. BRING SOME ACTUAL LOGIC AND VALID ARGUMENTS FOR ONCE


      2. First of all, WG NA aren’t treating people like idiots… they are proving themselves to be the idiots.

        Secondly, if you honestly believe that WG NA are treating players like idiots and not proving themselves to be idiots then that says a lot more about your own intelligence over the NA servers.

        Thirdly… I’m not a NA player…

        If you’re going to troll, at least do it well.


  14. I’m interested in what they are going to come up with in the coming weeks to address this. As this video just shows them trying to defend against valid critiques using straw man arguments.

    This short video just goes to show that “they” are as usual dismissing a lots of the criticism. Even those coming from the other CC’s, the ones who are always very civil in how they have been voicing their critiques over the past 2 years. Especially on the power creep subject and the development direction.

    On a second note.
    They seemingly have a very different ‘believe’ on the meaning of the subjects of ‘power creep’, ‘OP’ and the term ‘pay 2 win’. This short shows they don’t see their perceptions on it reflected in their product.
    In my opinion ‘THAT’ is an essential misunderstanding on their part that has generated them lots of the criticism on the subject at hand over the past 2 years

    In regards to term “Pay 2 Win”: IMO is not the correct term to be used for WoT! One cannot buy instant wins and or pownage!
    But the the charge the term holds in it’s meaning (directional essence) does apply. Thus it gets used the way it is used, which does not do well with language purists.


  15. sooo… i have a family and don’t have that much time to grind credits, so yay! i can buy gold ammo with actual gold. hmmm, but that means that instead of buying my son some new shoes i’m gonna spent that money on WoT. again, yay! (sarcasm off) and me being average, maybe below average player sayint that i can do so much better in my new and shiny Liberte means it does bloody overperform. don’t have the Defender, but fighting one feels like fighting the IS-7. and it sure is easier to deal with IS-3 than it is to deal with the Defender. you guys (in the video) are talking an awful lot of bull…


  16. 1.So for those 2,the problem is NOT if premium shell spamming is ruining the game or not,its HOW to get access to them…..

    2. ”Chrysler on himmelsdorf-fun time-,on prohorovka,malinovka-not so much.”.
    Is that Chryslers SPECIFIC weakness or heavy tanks weakness IN GENERAL?

    3. Defender is balanced because if noobies play them,they will get outperformed by better players playing weaker tanks.
    Is that Defenders SPECIFIC weakness or just a general comment which applys on ALL tanks?
    and what chances have noob players ”outperforming” veterans in a defender vs any other tank,more or less?

    4.Statistically those Tanks (Defender-Chrysler) are strong,but they are not OP.








    Clearly,they are not overperforming………………..


      1. show me HOW TO FLANK IN HEAVY TANKS in himmelsdorf,abbey,kharkov,stalingrad,mines,arctic region,wintersdorf,paris and all the other shit cluster corridor maps you smartass…..


              1. since you started insulting,im gonna go your way:

                since when is it easy to pen a Defender reliably with 200-220 mm of pen you fckn idiot???
                Defender and Chrysler are both 3d and 4th place on VBaddict at shots recieved without damage.
                Tier 10s bounce on this freaking thing,not because aiming but because of dispersion and auto-ricochet angles.
                The front of the tank,with some angling and-or lower plate hidding,is immune to any normal AP tier 8 round,except of 2 pixels at commander hatch,good luck penning those from anything more than 50m with a heavys gun.
                But you pretend to be some kind of ace,when in reality you re just a fckn idiot.
                that comes from a 2220 WN8 player who owns the Defender.
                f off now.


  17. what an absolute JOKE of a video – they should be EMBARASSED to put tripe like that out!
    “tanks depend on maps” – “stats say they are OK” – “you can buy ammo with Silver”
    jesus, are the Devs THAT out of touch?!?!


  18. they said a tvp vtu could beat a defender in a 1 on 1. that is a scenario that would happen maybe once in every 50 times that match up occurred. also if a defender is driven by a player who doesnt just roll their face on the keyboard then that ratio changes from 1 in 50 to probably 1 in 1000…


  19. I’m sorry, but I firmly disagree with what was presented in this video. Sure, players who don’t want to spend gold on ammunition don’t have to… but who on earth spends gold on premium ammo any more?! Not the premium players and certainly not the standard players. The issue arises when players have to buy a premium tier 8 tank with premium account in order to support the spending of premium ammunition. I can tell u for certain that unless you are an absolutely outstanding player playing on a standard account, it will be hard for you to pay for new tanks, new modules, new equipment, premium ammo, and food for crew performance boosters. It just isn’t possible. If a standard player does pay for everything that premium players can afford on their tanks, they will take a century to go from one tier to another… especially at mid-higher tiers. I challenge major YT’ers to build a new WoT account and not pay a single dime on the account for a month. Play exclusively on a standard account and put at least 2 hours into the game each day for a month. either play the tank the same way as you do on your other account or play like a true free-to-play player. Better enjoy those 50% crews! I truly challenge YT’ers to put this challenge to the test. I think it may be a wake-up call to WG to change the formula. Their game is Pay-To-Win whether they want to admit it or not.


  20. Wow. These guys managed to talk a whole lot without actually saying anything. Watching this video was like making a phone call to an official department, then being put on hold and made to listen to The Best of Bryan Adams.


  21. You bought the premium tank for real cash?
    Yes indeed
    Does that mean you have to get a tank stronger than there regular techtree parts?
    No, and you should not.
    Let me explain:
    If you start to bring in more and more powercreep/op premium vehicles/consumables etc. into a game, customers how want to buy them cause the are good will buy them. But they ll also buy other things like premium time/ crew boosts and even other premium vehicles etc. Let us call those people whales.
    Why whales? Because they spent much money for the game.Around 50+ per month.
    And then there are those people just buying little things, maybe some premium time for a month. Thats all.
    But that means wg has to feed those whales with newer and better things?
    Why you ask?
    Lets see far more ftp games have been kill due to the reason of better equipment/ better vehicles etc. being behind a paywall.
    Why ?
    It is so you have to keep those normal customers and those who dont want to pay a penny, because they are the biggest amount of players in an game. If they go because they dont feel competitve anymore due to powercreep/op payvehicles etc. the whales will have no more “easy prey”. And whales smashing their own powercreep/op vehicles on another will start to annoy them.
    You say no?
    So will it be an awesome game when battles starts to consist of more and more the same vehicles? Like type59 battles 2013?
    When people start to shoot more an more skill ammo at you?
    This way lets to a dead end there are enough examples.
    I ve been in this fame since 2011.
    You can consider me a whale, i have bought lots of tanks. But not those last ones.
    If you start to shut your moneybag they will start to change things because it hurts them where it hits the most.

    To the point of powercreep and op:

    Who wants to tell me that a tank with a 440 alpha/225 pen gun, good mobility and
    a tier 10 frontal armor Layout is not overpowerd? But it has a lower glacis that is only 230 mm and is huge. What are you smoking? There are regular tier 8 heavy tank that wont have that much effective armor at the upper glacis or the turret. If this tank hides his lower glacis, even tier 10 with premium ammo struggle to penetrate. A tier 8 heavy tank ?! What can tier 6/7/8 tanks do to this tank (object 252 is meant by the way for thise didnt know) .
    I hear flank it. Yeah good luck with that, because they always come alone to the party right?
    Dont get me wrong its okay when tier 6/7 cant do something to this tank but when even tier 8-10 have to flank or flee something is wrong.


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