WoWS Q&A – 25th May 2017 + ASIA Bonus Code

The Bonus Code for the ASIA Server is HSFBDBM – It gives a High School Fleet Blue Mermaid Flag:

Thanks to Babykim (EU) and to Verence196 (EU).

Q&A with Sub_Octavian on the Asian forums. Here’s a short rundown on the most important answers.

  • Not currently planning to add more port filters
  • WG experimenting with new strike armament and load-out rebalancing for carriers. May be introduced on Enterprise and other ships. No MM changes for carriers currently planned.
  • Clan membership limit will be expanded, but no ETA currently available.
  • Training room functionality is not currently being worked on, although improvements are desirable.
  • No nerfs to Saipan aircraft are currently under consideration.
  • A number of high tier destroyers might be getting deck armor buffed to 19 mm/16 mm in 0.6.6, allowing them to bounce 203mm shells.
  • WG may consider removing torpedo splash damage in the future.
  • WG is working on updating the radio commands/quick keys.
  • Skill based MM will not be introduced to random battles.
  • WG is not planning to nerf RN cruisers.
  • Old temporary campaigns are not likely to be rerun. WG prefers making new stuff.

From the stream with developer JameWhite of 22.05.2017 replayed in original in the video by getfun


“The staggered release (of Hood) has been met with utmost negativity, although we had such offers in the past. The players have been very negative about selling the most expensive package alone and for that price. I don’t want to cover-up, we have apparently miscalculated, it was not the best decision to offer a bundle. I hope and will do everything so that nothing similar will ever happen on the RU cluster. We will sell new ships by offering a choice of bundles, from more expensive to bare-bones. We have learned the lesson by studying your feedback on the official forum and other online resources. We have understood that the bundle pricing strategy was erroneous…I consider it a personal error, and we do not plan vexing players in the future.”

About the forthcoming premium ships:

1. Carrier Kaga will be sold in June.

2. Cruiser De Grasse will be sold in 0.6.5, but only as part of a combat mission with an XP requirement.

3. Cruiser Makarov will not be sold or awarded in special events. How it will be distributed remains a secret.