WoWS: Update 0.6.5

The update happens May 17; preparation begins at 03:00 PT/ 06:00 ET until 05:00 PT/ 08:00 ET. (On EU/ASIA it comes on 18 May)


We’ve seen some questions about mods. Please note that any mods previously installed may cause compatibility issues with any update. If you have mods and have difficulty playing, uninstall or otherwise remove the mods first.

Update notes are subject to change.

The Hunt for Bismarck Campaign

Update 0.6.5 marks our first historic campaign. Take part in the most iconic North Atlantic naval operation and decorate your ships with special camouflage that changes the exterior visual look of the ship, including its textures and geometry.

You can play this new campaign if you have a service record level of 8 or higher, beginning May 18 and ending June 7, when the next update is set to release.

The campaign is based on the historic chase of May 1941, with seven missions containing eight tasks each. Take part in operation Rheinübung, avenge the destruction of British battlecruiser HMS Hood, and take ships of different classes into battle against German raiders, attack enemies with torpedo bombers and more!

If you want to get a more in-depth look at the hunt, we’ve added detailed historical notes to the campaign.

For each task you complete you’ll get a special Container available only during the campaign, which may contain collection items, special Signal Flags and exclusive camo. If you complete the entire campaign, you’ll be rewarded with the legendary Bismarck and a Port slot. If you already have Bismarck in your Port, you’ll get 11,000,000 Credits and another Port slot.


Look for the new “Collections” feature — earn unique collectibles, fill your album and build a complete collection to earn a reward!

You can find collection items in the special Containers, and all of them have an equal chance to appear. We’ll add an album for each collection to your account after you earn the first item from a collection, but the button to see the album only becomes visible in your tab after you get your first item. Collection items cannot be sold, so if you get an item already in your collection, it’s considered a “duplicate.”

You can exchange a certain number of duplicates for missing collection items. Simply select an item you don’t have instead of duplicates and exchange it at a rate of four duplicates to a single unique item for the “Hunt for Bismarck” campaign.

After a collection is complete, the remaining duplicates automatically convert into Credits (1 duplicate – 10,000 Credits).

You can try to complete the “Hunt for Bismarck” collection until the end of the campaign. After, the collection will remain accessible to players who received at least one item in the collection.

“Hunt for Bismarck” is our first collection of badges with participants in the World War II operation to pursue the German raider ship. The first collection has 24 elements appearing (in equal probability) in special Containers, which help build the entire collection. Completing the entire “Hunt for Bismarck” collection nets valuable Bismarck camos: “From the Bottom of the Ocean” and “The Last Cruise.”

User Interface

We’ve added a mission carousel to the campaigns window to ease transition between tasks.

Now, you’ll see new campaigns first and they’ll be marked with a special sign

After the final task is completed, a window appears saying that the campaign is finished:

  • Press Esc to get back to Port from any campaign window
  • The previous windows in the Campaign section can now be opened with a button in the top left corner
  • You’ll be able to see the reward which is credited to your account when you hover over the “Collect Your Reward” button
  • By clicking “Collect Reward,” you’ll be taken to the screen showing the task you completed first to increase  the convenience of the selection of subsequent mission tasks
  • A Port slot is also displayed in the list of rewards when receiving a ship as a reward for accomplishing campaign missions and other in-game activities
  • When you double-click on a task, you won’t see a hint, and the task is transferred to the list of tasks for completion
  • Stars replace the pins issued to players for successful completion of tasks. This change won’t affect any campaign mechanics
  • Some mission wording edited for clarity

New Skins

A new camo provides the same effects as regular camo, but changes a ship’s exterior and alters its shape.

If you’d prefer not to see this camo in battle, you can hide it in your Port settings.

Ship Appearance

We’ve improved the exteriors of the following tier IX ships:

  • Udaloi, Tashkent, Dmitri Donskoi, Neptune, Roon, Friedrich der Große, Izumo, Taiho, Ibuki, Essex, Iowa, Baltimore, Fletcher, Black

Montana, North Carolina: Fixed geometry and textures of main guns — this won’t affect combat performance

American cruisers: Fixed the textures of underwater hull

Henri IV, T22: Added radar rotation animation

Bougainville: Fixed funnel geometry

Bogatyr: Fixed numerical waterline marks

Yamato: Aircraft catapults now placed symmetrically

Ognevoi: Fixed camera crossing ropes

Kagero: Fixed bug with national flag obstructing camera view

T-22: Fixed camera crossing gun barrel

Missouri, Montana, Iowa: Barrel jacket color corrected from light to dark for higher historical accuracy

Dragon Signal Flag: New price of 60 Doubloons instead of 50 — only affects cost of selling flag from Inventory

Balance Changes

Warspite: Main caliber turret turn time decreased from 72s to 54.5s

New Content

  • Premium French tier VI cruiser De Grasse and American tier VIII destroyer Kidd added to game for testing by developers and supertesters.

Campaign Camo: The expendable “Hunter” camouflage will be available for all ships. You can earn it on the “Hunt for Bismarck” campaign and offers the following benefits:

  • Standard battle performance bonuses
  • +20% Credits
  • +50% XP
  • +100% Commander XP

“From the Bottom of the Ocean” camouflage and “The Last Conquest” camouflage for Bismarck and Hood added. Earn them by completing the “Hunt for Bismarck” campaign and from completing the collection! They offer the following benefits:

  • Standard battle performance bonuses
  • +50% XP

We’ve added some new special Signal Flags for you to earn during the “The Hunt for Bismarck” campaign, starting at release of Update 0.6.5:

Image Flag Name Flag Effect
Blue Dragon (Dragon) +333% to Commander XP
Wyvern +50% Credits
Red Dragon +100% to XP

+100% to Commander XP

Ouroboros +777% to Free XP
Hydra +50% to XP

+150% to Commander XP,

+250% to Free XP

Other Changes

Signal Flags now divided into three groups and sorted by their roles within each of the following groups:

  • Economic, CombatSpecial
  • You can now demount camo for later use, just like with Signal Flags

We’re adding a new option to hide or display additional content like the ARP or Dragon ships, or special camo. You can find the menu with this option above the ship carousel. Now you can adjust the display of in-game content according to your preferences:

  • You can choose to set no restrictions and show all in-game content, or you can choose to hide all in-game content in the Port
  • After hiding the content, all unique ships will display as regular ships in battle; their Commanders will look like other Commanders, but still are only recruited or assigned only to unique ships
  • After the release of Update 0.6.5, all filters are set according to the settings you had had in your latest game session
  • Added advanced medium settings for dynamic lighting to help optimize game performance when dynamic lighting is active

We’ve added new game achievements for the “Hunt for Bismarck” campaign:

The Hunt for Bismarck

Complete the final mission in the campaign

 The Hunt for Bismarck Collection

Complete the Collection

 The Hunt for Bismarck with Honors

Complete all the missions in the campaign


  • Music files named with non-Latin characters wouldn’t play
  • Rare bug when the game crashed on closing
  • Unnecessary appearance of window confirming mounting of permanent camo
  • Cursor showing incorrect status when playing carriers
  • Incorrect display of aircraft icons on minimap
  • Rare appearance of elements above minimap when playing carriers
  • Bug that blocked players’ ships after leaving battle
  • Fixed Premium Port enabling automatically after purchasing Premium time
  • Crashes when simultaneously opening a Container while collecting another Container
  • Camera automatically switching to another main battery mount after you spotted an enemy
  • Delay in switching to Binocular View when pressing Shift